I have just finished the first paragraph. It’s #givingtuesday and it’s a good time to come back online after a forced vacation, when the good elf of Santa repaired my phone.

Talking about the phone, it’s ringing. A small booth by the roadside selling banana fritters and ginger tea for two generations made their first call. It’s not the first time we will meet. I went there every so often with Sheilla when we’re done with the colony and need some peace to just chat or plan the morrow, without cats on our arms and legs.

The current manager, the son of the founder, saw us feeding a pregnant mother cat in one of our visits, and continued caring for her, as she tries to raise her family. We didn’t know where she hid her babies, but we left the matter as is. The less familiar they are with humans, the less chance they got harmed.

The man said, the babies are now out following their mother, and often hang around his booth late at night, where there are fewer customers. He thought, he’d ask his customers if someone would like to adopt the family and give them a better life.

One of his visitors came and upon hearing his request, took the mother. He was trying to prevent it by warning the woman that the cat has very young kittens, but the woman took off with the mother anyway.

He was concerned because the orphaned kittens were running around looking for their mother, and they soon fell ill because it’s terribly cold and wet yesterday. He let the kittens linger by his stove under constant supervision, but is concerned about leaving them alone in his semi-open booth overnight.

What was supposed to be my post, was then gone with the wind. We rode to the booth after we finished caring for the colony, and helped the man looking for the kittens.

We took three home, starving, cold and dirty; we will come back tomorrow for the fourth who we cannot find in the deep dark of this rainy midnight.

We fed them, we cleaned them as much as we can, we gave them a warm bed and heater, but we cannot answer their questioning eyes and little meows about their mother.

We can only tell them we will do our best to give them the chance that was robbed the way they lost their mother.

We can only show them that although it won’t be the same, if they give us a chance, they can still sleep in heavenly peace.

~ Josie

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