I am on my way home from vet visit with Mama Hera.

Her condition is very good and she recovers well after her surgery. She changes a lot. She eats normally and walks with ease, she can jump and walk the stairs; she eats more without her bumps weighing her down.

One thing never change, though, is her motherly kindness.

Visiting our downtown clinic with her is Mozzarella; two months old, with glaucoma.

Our vets eased his pain and give him eye medicine to control the swelling. We hope that his eye will stop getting bigger.

Mozarella has just won his battle against Calicivirus infection. Learning that he has another debilitating disease in his very young age, one after another, gave me anguish.

Life is unfair!

But alone in the examination room, looking into the carrier, there is no more anguish.

I am humbled; floored, and as I took the video I am sharing now, I am proud.

In their sorrow, in their pain, in each their limitation, Mama Hera and Moza bring comfort to each other, bring love to each other.

In the darkness of their lives, they bring hope to each other.

In the darkness of their lives, YOU bring light to each of them. Your most sincere wishes, most ardent prayers, your most appreciated financial support.

I cannot be more proud to have all of you standing by them. I cannot be more glad knowing that they will have chance and hope, I cannot be more grateful that Whiskers’ Syndicate delivers change and chance, to those who need them the most, and especially to those who otherwise be lost.

Thank you. Please continue to stand by them, support them, so that many more like them would see the light of their birth right.

~ josie


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