It will take a trilogy, perhaps, telling the story through the matching challenge.

I can end it, however, with just two words and one post.

The two words are THANK YOU.

The post is below:


This is Emmy; as you can see, sleeping with total abandon on Sheilla’s lap. It was the day after the matching challenge.

Together we have doubled USD 500. We spent half of the matched fund into the vet bill, so that we can have service when the need arise, and have just done hauling sacks of cat food we bought with the other half, extending the life of Whiskers’ Syndicate although for only few days.

It’s a bit cloudy just like our lives, but the wind is nice and it’s quiet after the rush hour.

Emmy used her privilege of being stunted and tiny to slip out of the door, as we sat by the porch trying to catch our breaths. We were close to be doomed and it’s especially painful because we’re doomed just $90 away from salvation.

But like Baby Emmy persevere through her unfortunate beginning, and climb through mountainous perils and challenges, we finished the matching challenge together, as one big village, and for four days to be exact, we will live.

If we all count it correctly, that four days ends today.

Tomorrow we will leave her alone, each of us with our jobs and chores, but as I walk out the door for the job that will provide part of our living, I will remember Emmy. The little two months old cat who looks like one month baby. The little cat who always lost the biting games because her peer had grown teeth, she is still eating puree.

I will remember Emmy; a wee girl with enormous will to live.

I hope The Whiskers’ Syndicate whom she believed in will remember her just the same, and stand together one more time to give her a chance four more days.

~ Josie


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