When he came to join us, Reo was being a sick cat. 
Five months later, Reo is being Reo (watch the video)


In the week after Reo came to join us, she would call, or text, asking how he is doing.
For months then she has been visiting the modern market near her residential complex just to see that super skinny, odd colored cat, who timidly approaches patrons and see if there is something left to eat.

He was always out of breath, so long as she recalled, such condition that robbed him his chance to hunt for scarce food against bajillion of cats dumped mercilessly to fend for themselves in the middle of nowhere.

She had asked her friend to keep the cat she came to name Reo, and her friend was more than capable. Reo moved from the streets of oblivion to a cat in golden cage. Her friend had taken care of Reo so compulsively well, he can only sit there and wait to be fed with silver spoon, literally. He cannot even move one bit without his “mother” worrying to death for his life.

So off she went looking for another place where Reo can actually live as he should be.

Reo has a ruptured diaphragm. He will be short of breath forever and ever, and surgery as suggested by the best surgeon in town will only give him 50% chance of living.

From OCD to Russian Roulette?

I will have space for Reo, but I am mean and I will have Reo own his ruptured diaphragm and short breath as long as he keeps his life.

I will also have him eat good food (raw food or grain free), aside from rows of supplements to bolster his lung, his immune, his muscles, his system.

Every time she texted, I sent her a short video of Reo trotting, hopping, skipping, jumping, running, running in laps, climbing. He is out of breath, but he is not sitting like a statue in a Pyramid somewhere under Egypt.

By the time I made this video, Reo is 4 kgs (8 lbs) of hard, lean muscle (from 1.7 kgs/ 3.5 lbs), lovely soft fur, velvety ears, and luxurious mane.

She hasn’t been texting me for a few months, and I can no longer contact her number.

I would have loved her (and all who support Whiskers’ Syndicate) to see Reo being a cat.



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