Catober Fest – and why we need your contribution

We are kicking off this year’s Catober Fest with a matching challenge, and I am kicking off the matching challenge with the plight of this kitten.

There was no Sunday for us. Donations had run dry – there are barely anything coming in. Sheilla and I have to scramble back into the job market to sweep anything that fall into our feet just to keep the kibbles in the bowl.

On our way to work, we saw a small cat limping into a garage selling snacks and drinks, meowing silently to two women who chatted merrily with all abandon.

We don’t have enough money to buy the next sack of cat food so we thought we’d just give him our Whiskas. I walked back and lift him up to move him to shaded area to give him food and water, when I felt something running on my palm.

The baby I was carrying is about 3 months in age and he has thumb size hole on his chest. There was another wound nearby, with traces of infection and inflammation.

We don’t have the means to keep him, but we also don’t have the heart to leave him.

So comes the routine. We turn back home, each called our employers that we will be late, but offer assurance that we will finish our work on time.

We clean the wounds and apply first aid. The hole on his chest is 1.5 cm (about half inch) deep so it should require surgery, but it was Sunday; the clinics are closed.

It was bad in term of timing because the wounds are close to the heart. It can be good because the cat seems to be in good health otherwise. It’s Sunday, so we have time to find money to provide veterinary treatment he needs. We make him comfortable away from other cats, give him food and water, and answer to the call of our duty.

One hour late for work pushes the rest of the day’s schedule back. We arrived late at night to find baby cats slipping inside his crate and surround him with their fluffy warmth. Nearby two mothers were standing by.

How many humans would do the same to their own kind, the way the cats did to theirs? We know full well cats can be ignorant but in time of needs, we don’t even need to ask.

On Monday the vet saw the wounds and clean budding necrosis, but the wounds are still inflamed, so we have to bring the swelling down first before further steps can be taken.

It was bad in term of timing, and it’s annoying because we all want the cat fixed as soon as possible, but it can be good, because we have time to bring up his physical condition, and also a chance to seek help in funding his surgery.

Despite the pain he has to endure, the kitten goes on to seek help; to keep on living. Can we please give him a chance?

~ Josie

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