We are still in a hangover. The day we lost Ditto, the day after when we took him to be buried, the day after when we come to pass the wet mound where we laid him to rest, and the day after, and after and after, somehow looked all the same.

We moved on. We still have Bumpy, we still have twenty bottle babies who will be first to lose the battle, we have to find a way to keep the shelter living. I had to go back to the job market, and grab as many chances as I can.

Every day is a different story, but when we cook for the cats and see his empty bowl it feels the same, when we spread linen and towel where he used to roll it feels the same, when I took his little blue shirt, it feels the same.

Going to Deliso’s colony at midnight, it feels different.

We called her Cinderella (she is in the first picture) because she only shows up if we arrived at midnight. She came out of nowhere, and disappeared after eating, back to nowhere.

We noticed that at one point she became pregnant, and we noticed that for quite some days now, although she always chased her food, she would stop right in front of it, sit down and stare.

We changed the food, we give her plates (instead of cans), we gave her steamed tuna, we gave her shreds, we gave her minced. She stopped right in front of it, sit down and stare.

At the moment she allowed us to touch her, we hold her, and we took her home. She panicked and agitated , but we need to get her to see the vet.

So today too, is a different story. We let her into the carrier, walked out, looked to the new grave where Ditto was laid, just a few meters away.

A white and yellow cat ran into our front yard, with fear burning in her eyes, trying to save herself from Malaya who chased like a raging hell behind her.

We didn’t know what was going on, but I suspended Malaya in her chase, and Sheilla got the cat.

We noticed she had these weird bumps (plural) on her lower belly. We noticed there are only a few ten Dollars left in our wallets; we noticed none of us would get paid until the end of the month.

We noticed that chance comes just once in a lifetime, so we took another carrier and brought her along.

She had a very bad hernia. One large rupture on the left, the other one on the right side.
She has to have a surgery, or her life is on the line.

We told the vets we do not have the money, but if they will give us some space, we’ll figure some way out.

When the surgery started, one of the junior vet called us, and told us that she is pregnant; that they haven’t done anything, and that if we choose to keep the baby, they will cancel the surgery.

Surely, all life matters, and she has four; but almost all of her gut went through the hole and wound around her reproductive organs. So if we choose to keep the babies, and they somehow got tangled, or if the hernia is getting worse because the baby is growing bigger, all life will be lost.

We took the hard decision once more, and have her lose four babies, rather than everyone go down.

It was a difficult surgery. For five hours the vets have done their best to de-tangle her organs and manage to close one side of the rupture. However, she has been in sedation for too long, so they have no choice but to end the surgery, and pray that the cat will be cared for enough, so that the current surgery heals within one month and the second surgery will be performed to make the stray cat great again.

As we watch her came back to consciousness, as we watch her try to stand, as we watch her slowly sink in to her new home, we noticed that we have been given a new chance.

We know the world goes round slower these days. We know everybody has to work harder, we know everybody has less nowadays. We are the same; but even though each of us gives less, if more of us give, we might have this chance. Even though each of us gives only little, if more of us give, we might have her chance. The chance she tried to hold, running with fire in her eyes, to the house of a stranger. The life this stray cat tried to keep, by giving her hope to those who care.

Let us not lose this chance.If you can please help her by donating, please do so now. If not, please share her plea. Big or small, no kindness is ever wasted.

Please let her live.

~ Josie

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Josie And The Whiskers' Syndicate

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