Sad news about Ditto

It comes as bitter and heartbreaking for us; however, despite much appreciated praises, prayers and well wishes, we were not able to secure sufficient donations to procure necessary medication and treatment for Ditto.

There was anger and there was desperation. After saying “yes” and bring about many miracles to the pleas of needing cats, The Whiskers’ Syndicate had turned their back to Ditto.

Even so, in the strength of my commitment to each and every one of these deserving cats, I have exhausted all available resources, aside from the small amount of donations that did come, to give Ditto initial treatment. In the two days since we brought him home on Saturday night, Ditto’s swollen leg had improved so much, he could walk, jump, and run like a normal cat. His ulcers dried out, and his voice returned, his breath longer. His eyes were much bigger and brighter, and we can see it from those glints that he was truly enjoying the new chapter in his life.

I had hoped that more people will care enough to help as we go, but until the very end, nothing.

Our brave warrior had left us for better place earlier this morning.

Ditto’s passing brought with him the dimming hope that was left for Bumpy, another cancer cat patient, as well as hundreds of others, in the shelter, or on the street. Unless we can secure sufficient funding in the coming days to replace whatever we spent for Ditto, as hard as it is, we have to call it the day, turn off the light, and then, good bye.

If there is anything left that kept me standing, despite my weakening knees, it’s Ditto. Even with painful foot full of tumor he kept on walking. Even with diminishing power he kept on running, even with shortened breath, he keeps on going. That glisten in his eyes even when he looked at me one last time. That courage, that grace, even though he should have known the next should be the end.

I will carry that spirit even though we might be walking to the end, so that when I meet Ditto one more time, I can tell him that although the rest of the world said no, I said yes.

~ Josie

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