The man at the other side wrote that he cannot afford to do anything else for that cat beyond feeding him.

I told him we all do what we can.

He said that he cannot take the cat in, that the cat would live on his porch under the car.

I told him, we are grateful that someone cared enough.

In each of his sentences, there is the word “pity”

But then he told me that the cat is mangy, so they do not want to touch him.

Oh well, some people just don’t understand.

He told me his location, and I fell silent.

I know that place; but he went on to describe how good is the environment, how large is the area, how safe is around there.

He lives in the most elite part of town, with gates and securities, tall fences, and houses as big as a football stadium.

I told him we can take care of the cat, but we will neuter him and return him where he was because we are already over crowded.

Once he learned that we are willing, he told me that it’s actually his girlfriend’s house, and it’s his girlfriend who feed the cat and many other strays around the area, and that the girlfriend will contact me.

The girlfriend contacted me and went straight to ask that we picked the cat, whom she called “Sicko”, on Sunday evening because they both are working out of town.

I told her I will confirm when we’re on our way, and done as I said.

When we arrived, she told us that she has been waiting for a long time as she and her boy friend shook our hand for few seconds, and then point her hand to her shiny clean porch: “That’s the cat”

Straight to business is better, at times. It cuts off time so I can be done before my curiosity takes over and I start asking question too frank for some people.

Truth hurts.

It was brief. The cat was just sitting there. It was like lifting a pillow and put it in the bag.

They only grin as we went away.

The next morning they went mad because I was thinking about what happened out loud in my personal page.

He said everybody have limitation. They can only afford to feed the cat and many others

I am familiar with limitation. I am full of those; but he made one hundred times of the average people in town, and lives among the elites.

The vet surgeon who helped us numerous times, and has been in our stories every now and then, is less than a half hour drive from his place.

He said he never hurt the cat. I believe he ever hurt the cat, He just doesn’t want to touch the cat because it has mange.

He said he feed the cats twice a day.

When the cat arrived, he can barely stand straight. He walked like a drunkard, and he fell every three seconds to one side or the other..

She said she was so compassionate to animals, she took in cats even though her parents were against it.

She said she is getting married so she shouldn’t touch stray cats to avoid toxoplasmosis.

When I saw what must be her cat in her profile picture, I cannot help thinking about the story of a rich man and Lazarus who lived by his table scrap and crumbs. The difference is too obvious.

The video in the comment is the cat finishing his fourth plate of steamed beef loin. You can decide for yourself whether that is the behavior of a cat fed twice a day.

She claimed that she has been trying to give the cat medicine and ointments for months to no avail.
He said that they don’t want to touch the cat because the cat is mangy.

The cat does not have mange. He lost in a street fight and suffered claws, scratches and bite wounds, Those wounds got infected, and the infection gives the cat blood poisoning.

And the expert vet surgeon and his entire team, who are always friendly to rescues and people who rescue, open practice less than 30 mins drive.

For the whole day the two of them sent me their angry defenses and accusations.

I read everything, but I didn’t bother to answer. I have a lot more important things to do.

The more silence, the more she rant; and the more she rant (and she rants on social media), the more she exposes herself.

He said I am not sincere in helping them. I helped the cat, they can help themselves.

She demanded a public apology within 24 hours.

I will give my apology.

I came over to the cat she called “Sicko” and rename him “Arthur”

I hold Arthur in my arm and tell him “I am sorry I took so long” I really do.

I will give him as much chance as he needs to heal and reclaim his dignity.

I will stand by him as he fights his way back through and through.

And I will let my actions speak louder than all of their words.

~ Josie


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