There were no promises. There was no guarantee. There was only the unknown, and the hope was dim.

Yet we started our journey into the valley of the darkness together, so that Bumpy can see through that speck of light at the other end.

The speck of light that is called: Hope.

Every day, when we take one pill from that small bottle, we hear your prayers. We hear your cheer; and as we crush it to mix with his food, we can smell each of you standing by us, patting our shoulders. We can feel your courage. We walk down the corridor of our small cattery strengthened by your power, our feet swung by your courage.

Every day, when we put that bowl down by Bumpy’s nose, very closely because his nose was covered with bumps that block his smell, we tell him about the various people whose spirits are standing behind us.

Every day when we clean his eyes, because they are full with pus, we sang him about the cavalries of small people who gave their hard earned dimes, one after another, day after day, so that he can one day wake up and walk on his own feet, see with his own eyes.

Although we cannot do more than share the silence with which he endures the pain all over his body, we come still with the whisper:

One day we can hear his voice, one day he can be a cat again.

A tiny bump broke and spew pus, two more grow. Two broke out, five grows. It’s like a downward spiral, but something at the back of our mind keep saying “Go on, go on, it’s always darkest before dawn. Bamboo stayed inside the soil for one whole year, but once it broke through earth, it reaches the sky in one day”

Then a tiny bump broke and spew pus, tiny bump dried out and be gone. Another bump broke and spew pus, that other bump dried out and be gone.

By that time Bumpy no longer had friends. No one can handle his smell. He can barely handle the pain and became cranky. He spends his day alone. If he doesn’t sleep, he cleans, if he doesn’t clean, he went to the corner near our drain pipe and chat with the sun, the sky, the wind. Listens to the song of little birds, his ears move with every sound; maybe he is picturing the world without the darkness that broke his eyes.

One day after we wiped off his face, his eyes stayed open. He looked at us, one after another, and meow his croaky voice. Perhaps his throat is a little but rusty after so long.

And he spends his day alone. If he doesn’t sleep, he cleans, if he doesn’t clean, he went to the corner near our drain pipe and chat with the sun, the sky, the wind. Listens to the song of little birds,

One day he sniffed his medicine laced food, and look at us. Perhaps as a courtesy he licked the food once or twice, but then turn away and never touched the bowl.

We realized it after two days, that he must have had regained his sense of smell, and his taste buds come back alive.

The journey was uphill from there. Sometimes we get him to have his medicine, sometimes not.

And new bumps are forming on his nose, pus started to flow from the corner of his eyes.

Then everyday is the battle of wit, but so far, we win.

Sometimes, the best thing to do is to free the animal from their suffering and let them go in peace.


But we choose the other way, the road less travelled, and sent Bumpy off to his journey toward healing, even when we don’t know what future that might come. Even when that speck of light at the other end seems to be unreachable.

Here is Bumpy today, with his formidable will to live that turn us around, and the miracle of your love that turn him around.

Here is the speck of light that is growing bigger, and brighter, and closer.

Here is for all of you, the small folks and a cast away cat that enter the valley of darkness and made the journey together for hope.

~ Josie

Although Bumpy is getting better, we are only halfway of the journey. Medicine and treatments are most of the force, but to complete his transformation he needs good food, sufficient support therapy, and a clean house – among others; none of which will be available without adequate funding.

To celebrate her birthday and your miraculous grassroots magic, one of our supporters offers to match all donation made between July 29 to August 5. ALL donation, means there is NO LIMIT OF MATCHING FUND.

We hope you will take this once in a lifetime opportunity to double your contribution and truly send Bumpy through to the end of the dark.

We hope to make into reality, the day when you share Bumpy’s video – healthy and happy – to your own Facebook page and say: I made him happen. I’m possible.



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