Rescue work goes on, and funds are much needed

This sweet lady lived in a slum along the way to the colony. She is never well cared for but she devotedly goes from one door to the other every morning, though not for much.

The slum is on a one way road near an intersection so I have to make a round, but Sheilla and I do it willingly because we are so sad to see her sleep in the open, without roof or anything, in the cold night.

Yesterday she suddenly stopped eating, and she even didn’t greet us so we were very worried, especially because these past few days are freezing and she has nothing at all. So we took her home.

She still cannot eat, and is weak. We took her to the vet and she was given support, but further need to be done to ensure nothing went bad.

We plan to take her to the vet again after her condition is better.

Although Josie has to make it every day, it’s still a hard choice. Two feet on different boats will only cause drowning. Two fundraising running side by side will only produce chaos and restraint

Josie eventually chose to drop the weekly fundraising to focus on Bumpy. He had lost his home, he had lost his love, he had lost his life, and he would certainly have died in pain if left alone.

You have opened your heart for Bumpy, and your outpouring love have not only bought him his last chance in life, you have also brought him to the road he would certainly be lost without your intervention. Though very slightly, and very slowly, three days of Chinese medication therapy have brought betterment to his withering soul. You will see how much he basks in the miracle you brought into reality for him in the coming post.

The fine print in the shadow, however, is that the fundraising has been stalling, and there is not much left to help the rest of the sanctuary, and especially this old lady, who is just as deserving as any other cat for a warm home and comfortable retirement from her misery as a slum cat.

The fine print in the shadow, however, is the nearly forgotten truth that there will be no more chance without the sanctuary, there will be no more hope without the sanctuary.

We see how you all went out of your comfort zone to help with Bumpy, each and everyone of you; the ones who have always be with us, to the total stranger who stretched compassion beyond doubts and questions to give Bumpy another chance.

If you haven’t already, here is another chance for all of us to make one more miracle comes down to earth. There are ten thousand followers on this page. Together we can move this mountain.

We need USD 600 every week to survive. To date, we raised USD 200. If forty, just forty out of ten thousand ,sent USD 10, this lady will be off to the vet and the other 90 cats will live to see the weekend.

Can you help us help them?


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