“We both are given a mandate” I told my vet firmly; as if I am the strongest person in the world. “You as vet and me as a rescuer: the mandate to alleviate suffering animals”

Yet it’s not that easy even though we hold on to that truth and push all our selfish obsession to save all and kill none to that pile at the back of our minds.

It’s not that easy even though I look back through Bumpy’s history many thousands of times leading through that day.

He was somebody’s pet. He had a home, he had food, he had life; until he started to have bumps on his face that burst into blisters; until the blisters oozed pus that made him smell like a sewer.

Until his master kicked him out of the only home he knows.

Until the midnight I saw him begging for food, and the fried chicken merchant kicked him away in disgust over his grotesque appearance.

That moment when I carried him home, I promised I will be the dawn that comes after those darkest time.

We treated his ulcers, cleaned his wound, and were astounded to have new bumps and blisters coming in droves to no end the next day.

As it must not be the remains of mange, or the likes of it, we thought it was autoimmune, or resistance allergies, or super bug.

Our vet said, it might be whatever we thought it would be, or cancer. Biopsy would be our best bet.

We don’t have a biopsy lab in Bandung, but our vet knows someone she can ask for help ‘under the table’.

Meanwhile, Bumpy eats three bowls of fresh home-made food, while others had enough with one. He made the journey to the line of litter boxes to do his business, he walks under the sun and enjoys the wind, he watches the rain and jumps back to his favorite spot that he picked by himself on top of our cabinet, right across our bedroom window.

He is quick to make friends with others, especially the ladies. He never growls, though generous with his complaints whenever his friends are trying to have a share on his extra portion.

He cleans every single blisters and raw, and when we come to greet him with ointments, he’d give us his best headbutts and meows.

Until the biopsy came back with name as fancy as Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma

Our Bumpy has advanced and active stage skin tumors.

He will have those painful blisters eating him alive until he has nothing more; but he has so much still.

He will have his paws and feet crippled raw and swollen but he has so much still.

He will have all his suffering, until someone put an end to it in his name, and I promised to be the dawn that ends his darkness.

But it’s not that easy, even though we know death will end his suffering.

We cannot rest easy, even though we’re on the way, and our boy is in peace.

Until just inches toward our final destination, a phone call we were waiting.

Our kitty ambulance vet, to whom we ask for a second opinion, had re-connected with a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, who had treated cats with cancer in the past, and some of his feline patients had shown significant improvement. The practitioner does not promise anything, but considering how Bumpy still functions normally aside from all his blisters, and the burning spirit with which he perseveres, he had a good chance for a recovery.

We stopped dead on our track, made a giant U turn, and went back home, where Bumpy once again enthusiastically finished three bowls of fresh homemade food, sun, rain, wind, lemon tree, friends, the ladies…

and me.

I promised to be the dawn that ends his darkest, and I will journey with him all the way to his glory.

I promised to be the dawn that ends his darkest, but dawn comes with the sky, the morning dew, the chirping birds, and crowing rooster. Dawn does not come alone, so I call upon you all to shine your love and turn his darkest night into the brightest of days.

The first part of his his long medication will last for two weeks, costing USD 650. The second part will start as soon as his tumors slows down.

Are you coming to light his life?

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~ Josie

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Josie And The Whiskers' Syndicate

The first and only cat refuge in Bandung (West Java - Indonesia) a capital breeder of a nation without animal welfare law. We care for Bandung's unwanted animals, operate a TNR as much as our budget allows, and continue to educate people about compassion to animals

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