Along with everything happening last night, we also received a message about this kitten here, found by a kind visitor.

Francesca took the kitten, who she named Verdi, to the vet to have her treated for an abscess on her toe. She was told that Verdi would need antibiotics every day for a week and the dressing should be changed regularly.

She was quite concerned as she was coming to the end of her stay in Bandung, and didn’t want to turn Verdi back onto the street. When she contacted the shelter it took some time and several messages back and forth to see if we could help, but Josie and Sheilla managed to go and pick Verdi up after dropping Wei Ling off for her surgery.

We are so grateful to Francesca for the kindness she showed in taking Verdi to the vet, having her treated, doing everything she could to find her a safe place, and her contribution to caring for her. It is easy to forget sometimes that there is light and hope, and this is a reminder that I think many of us needed.

If you would like to help contribute to Verdi’s care and that of the other 90-plus residents of The Whiskers Syndicate, we would be more than grateful 💚


The photos are courtesy of Francesca, the kind lady who helped this pretty little little cat and got her to safety at the shelter.

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