Please help with our mounting vet bills

This is Christine posting. Josie and Sheilla are, I hope, getting a desperately needed rest.

There will be a more comprehensive update in the next few days, but for now I will share what I know, along with some of Josie’s own words:

This baby girl was picked up by a local dog rescuer; he took her away from the middle of the street on his way to work in a factory. He didn’t have time to take her to his home, couldn’t bring her to work, and wouldn’t leave her in the car, so Josie and Sheilla picked her up. I hope to receive more photos of her shortly.

There are several cats under veterinary care right now, and of course this means there will be bills to pay. Both our rescuers are working hard to make ends meet, look after all the shelter cats and the street cats, and pay the normal monthly shelter bills on top of that. It’s a bit overwhelming, to say the least, and Josie and I were having a conversation about it earlier. In her words:

“I am still here. I will always be. It is harder to do so at times and even more so now than ever, but I have walked too far to turn back now, and I have so much, not just many, at a stake.

“The most important is, I am no longer alone. I might be the rest of my life so far, but that has changed and for the better. I try not to think how long, as I used to. I try not to think so much. I will just keep thinking that I am here and now, and this is what I’ve got so I will do my best with all that.

“I need funds desperately, my vet bill is crazy and there are still regular bills to pay, but it’s darkest before dawn. I will keep remembering that.”

You all help us so much, all the time, and we are so grateful.

If it’s possible to reach out a little more at this time, by sharing this post, by donating, or by continuing to keep us in your hearts and thoughts, it would be a huge help and gift to us.

We’re going to do everything we can to keep going and helping the cats of Bandung. We would be honoured if you would share this journey with us.


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