Miko – an update

For two days, I have been trying to post an update on Miko, our latest fighter.
In both those days, instead I found myself falling asleep on my keyboard.

There has not been a single day we did not wake up every now and then throughout the night just to tiptoe a bit and see if Miko needs anything beyond all that we give, that we already give.

There has not been a single day, since he joined our pilgrimage and stole our heart with his heroic conquest to recovery, that we do not stumble on our path, rushing through the door with phone slipped between our cheek and our helmet, calling the vet with yet another emergency.

The last one was a rather severe septic shock at dawn that made us call every single vet we know. No one picked up the phone until eight in the morning. We almost lost him when he finally received the treatment we desperately sought on his behalf, and it took two expert vets nine hours to stabilize him.

Though Miko’s infected leg is no longer swollen; only in a glance he looks promising. In poring over the gazillion tests and reports that we obtain every single trip we made, I saw that his actual condition is gradually declining. There are signs of necrosis growing on his toes, so we do not have much time.

It was Saturday when he got his last septic shock. Nobody will be open on Sunday and especially so because Sunday will be the beginning of Muslim’s fasting month.

I took the decision to call our kitty ambulance vet to ask that Miko stays with her. First because she is native to Bandung, so she won’t be going anywhere for the beginning of the religious festival. Second, she has her own blood testing equipment now, and a new X Ray. Third, because she loves cats above all else, and she was a rescue herself before settling down to a clinic after she got married, and has a baby daughter she always takes with her and who often sleep in the ambulance when her mother is working late. Last but not least, her husband is a vet himself, though he more often handles large animals’ cases.

At least, if something happened (again) on Sunday, or any day, Miko has a vet nearby to help.

Then, my big bet.

Despite the standard veterinary treatment for an abscess, that consists of rigorous cleaning, pain killer and antibiotics (and leave the rest to the animal’s system), I choose for amputation, if the necessity arrives, and whenever Miko’s condition allowed.

Miko’s condition is volatile and he has septic shock, minor or more, almost every day despite our meticulous care. Each time, he fought valiantly and pulled through; therefore I will not take our little champion for granted. I would rather err on the side of life, and let him live with three legs, than hang on to let him have all four but dead.

Miko is still a baby; and each of us knows in our heart that he has his life ahead of him. Each of us puts our faith and prayers upon him, and he turn all our support into the inspiring strength with which he challenges his doom.

I already take three jobs, aside from managing the shelter, but if I can walk yet another extra mile, I will walk it through if it is to give Miko his chance.

I know you are already at your limit, we all have our burdens and liabilities; but if you can still find another dime under the cushion of your recliner, I hope you find it in your heart to give Miko his chance.

~ Josie



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