Update on the recently-rescued kitten

(This report follows on from this recent rescue story)

After two days, our baby boy starts to find peace. His breathing is more stable, he eats more, and he mingles more with other kittens. We still find ourselves relying on pain killer to help him, but hopefully not for much longer.

We will be going to the next town tomorrow to get him his X Ray, in the hope that more advanced technology will give him a better chance to recover. I understand it will be a stressful long travel for a baby as young and as small as he is, but as much as he stands tall fighting, I will fight alongside him.

My heart melted in humility at the face of the outpouring love for our baby. I am so glad that despite ignorance, which seems to plague the world, there are so many people keeping their humanity and uphold it tall and shining.

Allow me to extend my gratitude for all the prayers and support you all have showered this boy with. I am sure he knows that all over the world, people are holding him close to their heart and lift him high in their prayers, most probably for the first time in his very young life.

May your grace and support continue to come to his aid, and may all of them be returned to you abundantly.

~ Josie


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