Help for feral cats outside the shelter

For over six months now, we are caring for this little colony. They lived in a parking lot of a hospital near our shelter.

The hospital hired a safety instructor who thinks animals are pests, hence should be eradicated from the face of the earth, and several times we were involved in a skirmish. Thinking in the cats’ best interest, we only go near midnight, when the officer would be gone, so the cats can eat and receive proper care without unnecessary oppression.

Half of the currently running matching challenge will go to their care. Monsoon is approaching and the surrounding environment around the hospital is not a friendly, nor humane region. We need to start trapping them to prevent unwanted population blast.

At this moment, we are matching USD 190 of USD 300 matching challenge. We need to raise USD 110 to complete the challenge by Monday. This means, if only 11 persons of over 1,400 of our followers donate USD 10, we not only able to provide for the 90 cats of Whiskers’ Syndicate, we can also give seven street cats in the colony a better life.

We cannot provide them a home, but there will be enough food for everyone. We cannot care for them all the time, but they will be free from the burden of raising kittens and the pressure of tight competition.

I am awaiting in great expectation to the moment when the challenge is met, and I am appealing to your good side to help me help these deserving cats see through better days, live long and prosper.

We are The Whiskers’ Syndicate. We save life today, change the world tomorrow.

~ Josie





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Josie And The Whiskers' Syndicate

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