He was victim of hit and run. A car ran over him and he was left to die. A girl found him with bleeding mouth in the sewer and brought him home to her parents house.

She was newly married, and will soon follow her husband to a far away town, next Sunday. Her parents cannot take another cat because they already keep other cats – all rescued – and they have to take care of paraplegic grandparents.

She sent me message through Instagram explaining her situation, and asking for help. I am home alone and I do not have a vehicle to go all the way across town today, so I will have to trust her and give her our address so she can drive the cat to us.

She rode for an hour with a friend holding the cat in a basket to our place. While I tried to give as much care as possible to the half dead cat, I let them hang around the cattery and play with our mobsters.

He was severely dehydrated. So dry his skin stuck together when I pinched it. The blood in his mouth had dried, but he cannot open his jaw. He hummed in pain instead of meowing. We had to modify a syringe to put drops of kitty milk and spirulina, which gratefully he can swallow.

I gave him subcu, I put him on a heating pad, I gave him booster. It is a public holiday today, so no vet is available. We can only do our best to sustain him and help him hold himself together for the remaining of the day.

One by one, other mobsters come close to him and sniff him, as he lay there on the heater, still half dead. Remember the boy with scabies a few days ago? He is clean now and is waiting for his fur to come back. He sat beside the injured cat and lay his head on the cat’s side. Flash jumped down from his perch and lend the cat his warmth. Soon Barto squeezed in.

Slowly his face changed. From pain and fear to comfort and peace. He breathes calmly. He woke up several times and cried for us, but once one of us talk to him, he is back to sleep.

I don’t know what I will face tomorrow, when we get him to the vet; but if I can count on one thing, I know I can count on Whiskers’ Syndicate.

Please give this boy a chance. He clung to life despite the pain, grief and terror, long enough for his rescuer to find him, and although he doesn’t have to, he clings to life just a little bit stronger, hopefully long enough until we can get him the proper help he needs.

Please give this boy a hope. He never lost his trust to us Samaritans, and it’s about time we overturned his misfortune with blessings and abundance.

Please let this boy live.

~ Josie


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Josie And The Whiskers' Syndicate

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