We had hailstorm and wind that sent our neighbor’s roof’s tiles flying two days ago. We did our best, but some part of the cattery turned into a waterfall regardless.

Among all the chaos, one cat curled sleeping in peace inside an upside down baby chair. See nothing, hear nothing, say nothing.

Either she is brave, or ignorant; either she is too deep into her rest, or has enormous faith, we probably would never know the answer.

Still it sent me into the memories of the night we decided to pick her up last month. She had both her eyes shut by infection, and was trying to cross through a group of ignorant merry making men with a pair of ears that must be deafened by their sheer loudness, so loud no one could have heard her even if she screamed her lungs out. See nothing, hear nothing, say nothing.

I jumped down as soon as the motorcycle stopped and walked straight into the middle of the circle. See nothing, hear nothing, say nothing. I stopped right above her, picked her up, turned my cold shoulder and walked away. See nothing, hear nothing, say nothing. I want nothing to do with that bunch of ignorant idiots who knows none but back talk and big talk.

She saw nothing even after we cleaned her eyes. She heard nothing, maybe, she said nothing but ran toward the crowd of cats eating their dinner, as soon as she smelled the fragrant mix of fish and chicken freshly boiled.

We named her Odilia, after our parish church where we found her. The young saint was born into a prominent legacy; but she was blind and therefore cast away to live with a peasant, as a peasant. She joined a monastery where her vision was restored miraculously. The rest of her story was filled with the legend of strength and perseverance that springs from faith.

Not sure about our Odilia though. We gave her medicine despite the advanced state of her virus infection; the stage where vets and other pet parents had nothing left but hope and prayers. We made her swallowed our liquid food, we sent her to sleep on the heating pad every evening to the next dawn. We see nothing, we hear nothing, we say nothing.

We just keep on trying.

One day I opened the door to the cattery and she followed me. She picked a spot she always returned to, and see nothing but that spot, hear nothing (of our reasons and pleas) but that spot, say nothing but her demand to go to that spot.

And the more we see her the clearer her eye, though only one ever see the world again. The more we hear her the louder her meows, though the more we say her name, we only found her by our feet.

By the end of that hailstorm, about four hours later, started our lengthy night and day restoring our shelter.

Among all the hectic overhaul, I saw Odilia woke up from her sleep, arched her back, and look at us, with that one eye left that she has, full of wonder. She saw nothing, heard nothing, said nothing. How the earth went round during my sleep?

I only shake my head and smile. It was a long story; and not a fun one, so ignorance is a bliss.

~ Josie


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