Hi Whiskers’ Syndicate, here is your magic!

Remember the yellow baby that we lost, and another one dumped into our rubbish bin the next day?

Remember a poorly mother cat who we picked up from the street, thinking she had FIP, but turned out to be delivering six babies?

Our baby adapted fairly well into his new family. He has a swollen nose, that we will check with the vet tomorrow, when funds become available (we only have USD 20 in our bank right now); but meanwhile he is eating well, and is playing with others.

When he saw little kittens ran to Mama Gaia, he first sat next to them nursing, but then carefully approach and started snuggling. Although she had started to wean her six kittens, Mama Gaia gladly accept him as baby number seven, and start caring for him as her own.

For a baby who lost everything at the early beginning of his life, being accepted into the bosom of a mother is an insurmountable blessing. Though only twenty seconds, you can see feel the joy in every suckle, and gladness in every knead.

Your donations and continuous support have given these two cats a chance for new life and new strength to face the challenges that will come next. With this video I am extending my utmost gratitude to all of you for allowing this little miracle to happen.

Here at Whiskers’ Syndicate, we do not live by government’s support, nor have the endorsements of celebrities with large amount of financial contributions. Here at Whiskers’ Syndicate, the average donation is USD 10 made by ordinary people like you and me. Yet, these numerous USD 10 have given many lives a new lease of life, and various glorious stories. These USD 10 that you all put together make each and every difference we all want to see in this world.

I am looking forward to continue this quest with each and everyone of you. I am looking forward to the next USD 10 that builds a new miracle.

And then, it will be my absolute pleasure to share all the miracles with you.

~ Josie

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Josie And The Whiskers' Syndicate

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