Twice rescued, twice returned to the street. Third time is the charm.

Since joining us near the end of January, Gia has been spending peaceful days here at Whiskers’ Syndicate and even make new friends. Our kittens love her very much and one of our other rescues, Stardust, become a close friend in no time. 

We are saddened that despite our best effort, Gia’s cancer has advanced to her eye. She is now often in pain because of this. She also has difficulties breathing and eating because she no longer has sufficient muscles and tissue to move her jaw. There is no longer flesh in her nose, we can only see her bones, white and dry. In these last days, we had to feed her liquid food with a syringe and help her drink with a baby bottle.

While we hoped that Gia would stay with us for a long time, it will be cruel to keep Gia alive and let her suffer such pain, so we have been consulting our vet about what is best to do and when.

For a short, while Gia will be given painkillers, as we prepare ourselves; but in one or two days we will have to let her go.

Though only for a few months, Gia have been a blessing in our shelter, a starlight of strength and perseverance. She is what a fighter should be. Her motivation and will of life is indomitable. Gia is an inspiration for us to do better and better regardless of the surmounting challenge, pain and limitation.

After Gia’s passing we will bring her spirit to help more cats in need and spread kindness to those who has yet find humanity. Gia will be the fire that burns our dampened heart and blast it anew.

In this opportunity also, I would like to extend my gratitude for our little friend Ammar, who in his young age have known so much compassion. Though he goes to school in another place, he took time and effort to find aid for a sickly stray cat who can be so easily forgotten by most, if not all. I would like to thank his mother, who made the journey every day with food and water before Gia came to join us. Without them both, Gia wouldn’t live long enough to find her final sanctuary.

My utmost gratitude is to you all: The Whiskers’ Syndicate. Your support, financial or otherwise, has given Gia the chance she has been waiting for the rest of her life: the chance to be part of a family, the chance to be a mother (to many step kittens), the chance to sleep on a warm fluffy blanket, the chance to play freely and live fully, the chance to be protected from the elements, the chance to be cradled, the chance to purr wholeheartedly.

The chance to love, the chance to be loved.

In Gia’s memory we will continue to tread this road less traveled and offer our hand to those who otherwise had none.

~ Josie

We are lucky to capture a brief video of Gia grooming herself. This one is the third time we found her grooming. For a sick cat, grooming is an evidence that the suffering cat is recovering. https://www.facebook.com/wearethewhiskerssyndicate/videos/327697277882849/?t=0

Gia’s last picture is here:
and this is is the link to her original story

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