Everything happens at once

My favorite author wrote: Life has a way of testing us; either by nothing happened at all, or everything happen at once.

In my case, it’s often the latter. Cruising the highway to recovery like a rock star, Mr. Jacob suddenly got worse through the weekend. The vet said, it’s a complication from his various illnesses, and that we should expect up and down for the time being. He was given yet another medicine and we are to watch his digestion very closely (among other things)

Diva is postitive FIP. We all knew it before any test result ever come. However, her fluid buildup was so fast we had to go back and forth to remove all her fluid almost every day, that the last vet who had to do it with super extreme caution. Diva is still young, most kittens her age wouldn’t survive past two extraction, and she had about four within one week.

Which put us in precarious situation. If we move forward and have extraction, there was risk that her body cannot make it and she will die.

Just when we thought we’re about to be done and can catch a breath, Wina had a fight with Sports, tried to jump a ramp, got one of her leg stuck on her way down, and for who knows how long, hang in there. In her panic she twisted her leg around.

If you follow us long enough, Diva was an abused kitten who lived orphaned on the street before we found her. She was two months old then, she is two years old now.

Sports is a cat with special marking that makes him look as if he is wearing an exercise jacket. He was victim of ignorant malpractice by vet who was supposed to neuter him and when I rescued him close to five years ago, he was half his size now.

In fear that Wina broke her leg, we rode her through town and all the way to the other end to see our surgeon. His clinic is the only one in the entire Bandung that have X Ray, testing lab, and high technology surgery equipment that Wina might need.

While we are glad that nothing is broken, we spend close to USD 100 for X Ray only, and Wina has to stay put for a few days.

I am not sure we can tell a cat to stay put.

The whole weekend in adrenaline rush had drained us: physically, mentally, and financially. Our mortgage will be due soon so I better start saving, but with all that happened, I had less hours to work and therefore, less income.

I am truly grateful that with all of your help, we raised USD 469 last week. We missed quite a bit, but at least we are not hanging ourselves by the neck.

Hopefully, the new week will bring us better luck. Less cat sickness, less emergencies, calmer days, and smoother finances.

I personally, and on behalf of the whole shelter, extends my utmost gratitude for all your support financially or otherwise, through the time when I cannot be online too much.

I also hope that we still have you beside us and help us with our ultimate mission to give a chance for every cat to live on their own terms, to the best of their capacity.

It is not an easy task, yes indeed, and alone it will be daunting; but together we have turned impossible into I’m possible and saved many lives.

Let’s do it again.

~ Josie


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