Help for Diva

Everyone, we need your help. Josie is on her way to the vet with this sweet girl, and as anyone who has ever had a pet knows, it’s a terrible worry.

Diva is very stressed and either wouldn’t or couldn’t eat since yesterday, plus has a very swollen tummy. She is only 4 months old and has not yet come to heat. She had had a bad flu and the virus can mutate to FIP, so better safe than sorry.

In Josie’s own words:

-Diva is like mini Hime down to her character. I am not sure I can handle it if we lost two superstars in such a close period. The pain is still very real.

We need all the love, prayers, and good vibes you can send. If you’re able to donate and help us meet the matching challenge, it would help a lot, but anything you can do, shares, comments, will help and do good.

Again, my friends, thank you 💚



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