Hime’s name means Princess, and a princess in her own right.

She never plan each chartered course, from the day I found her dying by the roadside when she was only six weeks old.

She was the tiniest and she was the weakest, she was malnourished and compromised.

But even on those days when the rest of the world thought she got more than she can chew, she traveled each and every highway, and lived the life that is full.

She hunt like a lioness, she runs like a cheetah, she eats like a tiger, she climbs like a puma.

She loves and be loved, she laughed, and she cried, she lost many of her friends, but even though every sickness that come to challenge left another hole in her immune system, she did it her way, and made that ever longer journey to recovery.

Until there were no more to travel, but the one road to eternity.

And so she did it her way.

She waited for us to leave in the burst of our chores, walked to her favorite spot by the clothes dryer, and took that last highway.

To eternity and beyond.

~ Josie

I have many pictures of Hime, from her early days to her last days, but in browsing them all, as I reminisce all the fond memories, I decided to choose just one: of Hime in the arms of her other mother who loves her the most.

Though Hime eventually passed away, your support through her year long sickness have provide her the chance to live to her fullest; a chance that she never missed. In mourning her passing I herewith send you all my deepest gratitude for allowing her to experience love and care. I am also calling you, in Hime’s memory, to rally beside each other and bring many more chances to many more like her.


Part of this post is adapted from lyrics of the song “My way” Songwriters: Claude Francois / Gilles Thibaut / Jacques Revaux / Paul Anka © Warner Chappell Music France, Jeune Musique Editions
First sung in 1968 by Frank Sinatra


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