Hello Whiskers’ Syndicate!

There was 5.0 Richter Scale earthquake on Tuesday, yesterday about 5 pm. Some regions in Bandung and surrounding area can feel tremors and shakes, and we’re both out of the house for jobs and errands during the earthquake. However, we are glad to share the news that we are all unharmed and there was no damage on the shelter.

On our way home later that night, I spotted this little girl, alone and terrified, trying to find her way out from under a pile of coconuts. She was crying the whole night and hissing to everyone all morning, but when the sun is warming up she found herself cozy in our mop bucket.

You will all yawn on my next sentence: we are not suppose to add anymore cats; not a single one. We have had enough seniors, enough disabled adults and far too many sick kittens, each with their own baggage and challenges.

But if you were in my position at that time, what will you do? There was no adequate source of food in the surrounding area. It was a small road with very heavy traffic, there is no street light except from the residences’ porch light, and there was no mother, no sibling in sight.

The only food available is coconut.

Can a two months kitten survive on coconut; raw and green?

After all said and done and fed, I came to another finding that the whole day yesterday, no one come and send donation.

You read it right. No one; nobody. It’s wee 00:30 am on Wednesday when my Tuesday has not even done, and one more come to the top of my plate: produce USD 480 by the end of the week, or all of us can only have empty bowl to eat.

Here we are, strong and hopeful that 2019 will bring new and fresh breathe, it feels sarcastically, ironically funny that right at this high time, we miss our fundraising by more than three quarter way.

“Josie, Whiskers’ Syndicate is different”, I said to myself.

Yes it is. We are different because we are not powered by celebrities. We are not inundated by seven figures checks.
We are powered by everyday people who has compassion and love. We are motored by many small hands that takes turn running the wheel.

We do not believe in magic, but we made miracles.

I hope this time too, there is this chance for us to see that we will still be alive one more week, so more needing cats can feel the love they otherwise would never know exist.

~ Josie



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