Making our own cat food

As more and more cats become familiar with household surroundings, they are exposed to many things they are most unlikely come across in the wild. House plants are one of many examples; guilty pleasure (human) treats are the other, and greed and ignorance is yet another on the list.

While their sharp instinct will often save them from jeopardy, their curiosity kills them just as often, and it is our responsibility as ‘cat parents’ to take care of our family members.

In June 2014, Whiskers’ Syndicate experienced the worse food poisoning outbreak in our decade of history. We trusted a pet store and a commercial brand (Pro Plan, at that time) to fill the ‘life tank’ of our cats for years. When suddenly stocks were dwindling and I was ready to move on, magically some sacks appeared in the stock and the pet supplies store was happy to send in ten large bags to our shelter.

It turned out that those bags were recalled in Hong Kong, and a little bit of sweet talk and the lure of cheap price (which means large margin) blinded our partner. No less than sixty cats who resided in our sanctuary got Aflatoxin poisoning.

Although there were no life casualties, it was an expensive lesson for me.

All sixty cats made a full recovery, but one of our superstars, Sage, had extreme rashes and allergic reactions that made him scratch himself to a bloody pulp. Walking him through his agony as he underwent treatments scratched my heart to bloody pulp. Sage did not have any allergies before, but after the incident, is allergic to corn and grain (except for oat). A tiny bit will send him back to his scratching frenzy.

Sage has permanent scars on his upper part of his body that always remind me of the bitter lesson. Ever since, I have been researching and consulting many vets about providing adequate and complete nutrition through home made food, partly because people here are well known to be able to lie and kill with the smile of an angel. With the help of our friends and family all over the world and guidance from various experts, we have successfully switched to nutritionally balanced home made food since March 2016.

Home made food is time consuming and more expensive, but the lives of our charges  are worth more than anything.

Read the story of our journey to recovery here:

Caring for ninety cats inside, and about sixty two cats outside with only two persons is no less life challenging; especially in a place where animals (and earth) has no value beyond rocks and dirt. Those who follow our quest know that we are no daredevils, we are simple women with love for all creatures alive. For one decade now, all of us at Whiskers’ Syndicate have shown the world that it doesn’t take a lottery winning to start saving lives. Our average donation amount is USD 10. We have proven that half the globe is not a hindrance, that the willpower of small people, bunched together, moves mountains, turn tides, and again, saves lives.

If you haven’t already, I invite you to join our quest and empower us to do more every day.

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These pictures were taken in June 2014, when Sage was the only cat still suffering from the food poisoning described above.

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