Happy Holidays, Whiskers’ Syndicate!

Here comes “the most wonderful time of the year” when everyone of you is preparing to celebrate the moment with family and friends.

At Whiskers’ Syndicate, we have a lot to celebrate! Through a decade, we have touched the lives of no less than 847 cats in need. Some of them, despite all our efforts, did not make it. The other ones thrive and get a second start in life in their own colony. Ninety two remains with us, waiting to heal completely before they return to their original place, waiting to be spayed or neutered before they start a new life as a healthy, worry free, litter-free kitties, or just to hang around and spend their days enriching our daily life.

Out of six colonies that we cared for, only two remains. Four have collapsed on its own due to aging or force of nature. While it is heart breaking for us when we realize that stray or feral cats in Bandung has average five years of age (that’s very short compared to other places abroad), we believe that whether it’s five or less or more, every one of them count; every single one is worth it.

If there is any regret, it will be Belle, Indy and a wee baby we call Mark. Last week I sent out a plea for help for a fund to give Belle and Indy an opportunity to regain their vision. Belle through plasma treatment, Indy through surgery.
I asked for help to raise USD 350 for two cats, but the rest of the week only produced USD 220 and the weekly fundraising produced nearly nothing.

Not so long after, I asked Christine Alice to ask for help for an eight weeks old baby cat with broken leg, destroyed teeth and ulcerated gum, among other things. He was with his two siblings, one calico, one tuxedo, but both were very sick and did not make it through, while Mark, despite all his external and internal injuries, survived and started to heal.

Mark will walk with a limp for the rest of his life. One of his legs that was crushed by passing vehicle (and expelled him to the wall of nearby security post) will be (about) twenty percent smaller than the other, because other than those, there was also growth on that leg as result of infection.

He will have difficulties eating because he was not immediately found and all the wound in his mouth had become infected and ulcerated. I can barely see him in that corner, on a mound of dirt and sand, waiting to die.

But I saw him regardless, and there is still a chance to save him.

Although we are running out of time for Belle and Indy before the damage in their eyes becomes permanent, we still can help them, if we hurry.

A kind Syndicate mobstress who takes time to contact me personally to learn about my situation offered to sponsor a matching challenge of USD 250, which I use to pitch other sponsors. We end up with a USD 500 matching challenge.

If we match the challenge, USD 1,000 is not enough to cover all the medical expenses. I have already scheduled many jobs to do throughout the holiday, so I will not be with the cats, nor with family on Christmas. I will be working so they will not have to stay in the cold like the little match girl, whose dream never came true in her short real life.

Five years or less or more, every life worth it, and I will do all in my capability to give them the best chance for a first Christmas away from rain and under a warm blanket with a full tummy.

I don’t know if there will be a second Christmas for them, I do not know if there will be new year for us, but I know, and I know you know, that here at Whiskers’ Syndicate, we do not need lottery winnings to save lives. Here at Whiskers’ Syndicate, wars and battles are won by the power and virtue of small people. Here at Whiskers’ Syndicate, love, not money, not power, triumph.

Here at Whiskers’ Syndicate, better future of abused, neglected and stray cats are not something to wish for, it is something that we make happen with our hand, and the magic of our love.

Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate it, and Happy Holiday to every one of you of other beliefs. Wishing you peace and joy through the festivities of the day.

~ Josie


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