Good Day Whiskers’ Syndicate,

Please accept my extended apologies for interrupting your fun quiz. I promise I will take no more than ten minutes.

It’s not only love that starts from the eye. A certain type of illness in cats also starts from the eye. Infected cats first have watery eyes, usually mistaken as common eye irritation, then the eye becomes red, and then swollen. If untreated for a long time, it will become cloudy (which means the cat is partially blind), and even permanently damaged.

Indy was already sick at the time she joined Whiskers’ Syndicate. It really didn’t help that she was emaciated, hence, her immune system was overwhelmed. Our best effort: our energy and your support saved her life. She recovers from her Upper Respiratory Infection, gained weight, and is now a happy, fun loving cat that delights each room she goes into.

Her eyes, however, is not so fortunate. Her third eyelid continued to swell, irritated, and sometimes bleeding. She cannot open her eye and was gloomy and hurt most of the time. With limited technology, we give the best medicine we can afford, and with the help of our vet friend Dr. L. Stewart (yes, we made long distance consultation all the way to America), managed to reduce the swelling so that Indy can open her eyes and she can live pain free like a normal cat (with peculiar eye).

Belle has another story. Her story started with a white dot on her right eye, which we thought was common due to her prolonged upper respiratory infection she contracted in the days leading to her rescue. Most of the time, that white dot will heal by itself.

That white dot started to disturb me the next day because it spread. Common URI residue does not spread; it shrink.

Since our downtown clinic vet visit did not produce meaningful improvement nor advice, I decided to take both Indy and Belle to the only vet surgeon all the way across town. It will take one and a half hour by taxi, so we decided to ride on Sheilla’s motorcycle. We can take small alleys and alternative roads to reduce travel stress, considering Belle’s asthma (she got worse if she is stressed).

We had to ride back and forth to the other town every day, which is why I disappeared once again. It worn us out to have to ride so long while avoiding year-end horrible traffic, but we all go to great lengths to save our cats.

Indy is now healthy enough and is on her peak condition to have her eye removed. The vet surgeon gave us lecture-length suggestions and a litany of things to give, but it bounced Belle and Indy almost literally overnight.

Belle can have her eye back; the vet surgeon told us that he can formulate an eye drop made of blood plasma. Ideally, it should be from her own blood, but although Belle’s treatment and special food that we give have managed to bounced her from 800 grams (28 ounces) to 1,7 kg (3.7 lbs) in the course of two months, she has to be at least 3 kgs (6 lbs) to have the procedure done without jeopardizing her condition. Her asthma is a lot better now, and we don’t want to have to send her back to square one if we force the eye procedure.

One of our other rescues, Sam, is a sturdy, steady 4.65 kgs (10 pounds) cat who seems to be immune from stress, so she stepped forward and donated her blood. I thought the procedure will take a long time, but Sam was so easy and steady, it took only 10 seconds to produce 5 cc of fresh blood.

The total cost of these two treatments is USD 350. USD 100 for Belle and USD 250 for Indy. I have one more loan that I have to pay by the end of the week, so it’s very tight on my belt at this moment.

I do not have a heart to ask you all once again. I know there must be things you want to buy for your loved one for this holiday season, and as a Catholic, I am sure there are many stockings that you need to fill.

However, this Christmas will be the first Christmas for Belle and Indy that they will spend at home, instead of the cold and wet street. Even if they can speak, I am sure they will not say anything, they will not ask for anything, but you and I know what would be the perfect Christmas gift for them: their eye, and chance in life.

May we all give them this gift?

Please say yes:


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