Good morning from The Whiskers Syndicate!

Josie and Sheilla have just rescued this pretty tortie and her black brother (he is asleep in one of the cat towers so there’s no photo of him…yet!). The story in Josie’s own words:

“A father and son (sadly from the church) chased and shoo’d them for fun and they ran to the middle of the street.

We are lucky that a vegetable seller from the market helped us stop the traffic and buy us time to catch the babies, who ran in panic.”

I’m so thankful to that vegetable seller, and that Josie and Sheilla were in the right place at the right time for these sweet, innocent kittens.

The shelter is so full right now, and the ladies are doing their very best to look after all the sick kittens as well as keep up on the cleaning to try and prevent an outbreak. They could sure use our help.

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Thank you to all for your support, we’re very grateful.


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