How do I talk to all of you?

Near or far, small or big, once or often, financially – most of all – and by shares, comments, love, prayers, encouragements, all of you have relentlessly lent your hand and folded up your sleeve to stand with us through the depth of the battle that swamped us last week.

USD 650 that you help us with was doubled last week, and has paid for Rexie II (ginger tabby) tumor removal surgery. Most of it has paid for the emergency treatment for the six babies who had lost their mother, even before they can see how she looks like. As they grow up, they will know Mama White/Pinky Lee and Mama Mika as their mothers, but if it’s not because of your motherly gestures who sustain them, they wouldn’t even make it today.

On the same day the kittens arrived, we took Illy (white with ginger ears), slumping in front of the stair steps leading to a self service laundry. He was hungry and he was sick (Chlamydia) but all he has is an empty plastic cup, with remains of coffee that spilled to his legs.

H.M.S (white with grey ears) lived by the river just a few steps away, where I found our late Big Sister. Kids around the area are notorious for picking kittens up and carry them everywhere as toys. After they are done, they drop them off just about everywhere or even throw them into the river. HMS can’t walk. He laid himself down by the riverside in a hopeless attempt to drink, but the water receding too far below him. He has serious dehydration; he hasn’t eaten for at least four days, but he can now walk and has learned to eat baby food, after drinking only milk for a few days, due to his extreme undernourishment.

Peter (blue tabby) was trying to beg food from a bigger cat on the park, just after we left the whole colony and walked to our motorcycle. He was mercilessly shoved away, bitten and chased off, but Sheilla was fast enough to run back and get him away from his hungry assailants. Peter has bad mange on his head and crazy amount of fleas.

We were desperate for food that night after the park, so I thought we can just go to one of the late night food depots that opens only on weekend, near where I work. At the corner of a bankrupted distro that now turned itself into coffee shop (following trends that sweeps over the whole town) a little brown tabby sat by to do his wee wee business, when a young man in trendy fashion kicks them on the face.

Startled, he ran away with his business dripping behind him, then sitting a few steps further away to the corner to finish what he started, only for the guy who seemingly glued onto his cellphone came over and kick him again.

The man was not smiling, he walked slowly as if he was deep into his own connection with his cellphone, and yet he bothered enough to follow a helpless little kitten just to kick him off in the middle of its vulnerability.

It was too obvious that the kitten was in pain and confusion, from the kicks, and from his interrupted business.

It was too obvious that I don’t care if my shirt would smell of urine so I ran across the street and pick him up before the next kick flew.

It was not that obvious how I accidentally swept the young man’s cellphone off his palms, and sent him into panic chasing his flying fancy gadget.

Your donation, doubled to the dime, had helped paid for Suzanna’s (tortoiseshell) treatment. You all have met Suzanna a few months ago with that gaping, pinky finger size hole on her back that has eaten her flesh so much, I can see her hip bones from outside. Her wound has been healing wonderfully, but a week after she was spayed, another ulcer formed nearby the healed wound. The second one too, with your help, is now healing.

You also helped Hime (pronounced: he-may, it’s Japanese for “Princess”) recover from her malicious earmite. For some reason, her earmite was resistent and furious; within days she lost her balance and even cannot walk due to fluid built up in her ear. Although she is still finding her way into health, we are doing what we can to get her back to her cheerful and energetic self.

Belle’s oxygen tank is on its way, thanks to you all. She has to have various brochial aids, supplements and medicines, but she is getting better. She can walk twice as far, and jump up and down our dining table. We have to mash her food, because she cannot chew yet (too tired) but she is coping well with her condition and eats several times a day although with smaller size.

Last, and foremost, your fierce and unrelenting love had helped ninety five cats to survive one more week. In the middle of extreme monsoon and calicivirus outbreak that creeps through town from one end to another, we are able to stock ourselves enough for medicine and provide good food to defend them from harm and disease.

We took USD 100 away from the total amount to buy Revolution and carry them at all time in our persons. Alongside calicivirus, we have mange outbreak across town and every clinic is fighting for enough supply. We have to ask for help from Singapore for stock. Obviously USD 100 is not enough to help, but for the time being, and especially because I need to start working on paying our mortgage, it’s the only amount we can spare.

So, how do I talk to an angel? How do I talk to you?
The words escape me, but still, even though it won’t describe how deep is my gratitude for all your help, here are two words, sent to you with my deepest bow.


~ Josie

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