At the end of that long winding road, finally, a truce. Forceful and enforced peace that comes on negotiation; or rather, political lobby.

It is the old man introduced by my tuna guy. He looked dignified in his well coiffed hair, clean shirt, and thick rimmed glasses; but like any other, it was dignified empty shell.

Down under, there is only weaseling the way to cheat more money out of supposedly plain and honest looking little girl; there was only slippery tricks of word play to allude alertness and let the corruption go smooth.

After all, he came with only a saw and a heart melting smile. One hour before a small truck had rattled my fence so loudly and roughly I had to scream to overcome the noise and made aware of my presence. I need to run one hundred meters from the other end of the house so please wait.

Only to come to six cheap, bent, rotting wood that will break under pressure of the mountainside rain within months, if not weeks.

Like any other, the builder thinks I am a woman hence I am meek, weak and stupid.

I asked my money back, and buy the wood myself, those sturdy and thick that made his face pale. He had to work on those logs, instead of just cutting here and there and nail everywhere; but if he is as good as he claimed he is when he made the deal, it still should be done in one day.

Instead, he worked so slow I am not sure if any of those logs will become smooth in three days, and the roof will be done probably next week, or ten days later.

And all that adds to his daily wage.

One way or the other.

Sometimes, there is only one small rock that hold a snowball from turning into avalanche; and my little rock is this little guy.

Just like my Eden, six years ago.

The only difference is that my current Eden is a girl, and that I found her hiding under a wooden stall so weighed down by the shoes it sells, that it slanted like tower of Pisa.

Alone, in the cold, under the heat, thirsty, hungry, scared and mangy.

When she was finally overcame by hunger and curiosity and peeked out, just with one leg on the roadside, I pick her up, and she stays with us since.

Even though, she is not quite a kitten any other should be.

She has FeLV.

Like the little rock that stopped a snowball from turning into avalanche, she will not last long.

But at the time being, she is standing strong; and so should I.

So should I, when I am facing the cheater with the face of an angel, with composure and courtesy, righting what is wrong.

When I am facing the lazy who thinks he can cut rotting wood and made fake canopy, with firmness and aloof assertiveness.

When I weighed in over my responsibility to my donors and the lives of all these cats who will stand and sleep under it and not my pity and overflowing mercy toward a poor guy who got his blessing indecently.

In the evening, after that busy dusk of supplements and boosters, and baby milk and manuka honey in the hope of making the most of her days that left, I slipped over the fence, looking at the half hearted work left on my front yard.

And then my legs swings easy five minutes uphill to the house of a retired supervisor who worked for the developer where I bought our home.

There I asked if he would once more get out of his retirement and call his people to work on my abode, the way they all went out of their retirement and help us rebuilt our shelter after the typhoon.

“I will come on Sunday”, he said.

It will be three days that the other worker asked to finish my roof, and since he does not stay true to any of his side of the contract, I obtained the right to terminate according to mine. I had the right, I had pity, I had mercy, I had responsibility.

Just like little Eden and I had a deal,

That each of us will try our best every bit of the way, no matter how long we have by each other side.

~ Josie



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