I have good news and bad news

Remember the abused mother cat and the kitten we rescued another day? (no? that’s OK, original story here.)

When I clean them up, I found that the mother has a bit of fluid accumulation around her tummy area, and her adopted kitten has cut paw on his left hind leg, so I called my vet immediately. Although she was scheduled to go to a seminar in Singapore that same evening, she agreed to pick them up and have her assistant run necessary tests on them.

The little baby is all right. We had to extract pus and infection for a while but he is back to our sanctuary now and is proud of his new shoe.

The mother, however, has hepatitis. Her liver is swelling and she is not in a good condition.

She has 50:50 chance to survive, but we have to act soon.

Obviously I want to give it a try for a treatment. There is a chance that she will not make it, but what if she does?

I am not going to start with the “if” I am going straight ahead and say bluntly that I don’t have the USD 300 needed for the treatment. I have two kittens with FeLV (Souffle Pancake and Eden), I have elderly Hanshin with his geriatric kidney problem, and Rufus with his own senior disabilities. All of those aside from thirteen new babies that I took from the street the past kitty season. I am already running behind on our sanctuary utility bills. In two weeks I will have to come up with mortgage money and I have no idea how I will provide it. I am grateful that now I have a caretaker who helps me with the bundles of joy every morning, but I need to pay for her food. I need to pay for my food so I can go on and care for all these cats.

Our fundraising is at USD 325 at this moment. If we are crawling to raise like these past weeks, it means I have to provide USD 275 + USD 300 by weekend to keep us alive.

I cannot do it. Even if I work 24 hours a day for a full pay, I will not make it alone.

It means, like it or not, I will have to let the mama go.

What should I do?

~ Josie



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