A Happy Caturday wishes?

A kind friend who has helped me several times (I promise I will introduce her properly in the near future, when she is ready) went into our home early in the morning to help, and found Carol unresponsive. She alerted me immediately and, while waiting for me to get home from work, prepared him for a vet visit.

By the time I got home, Carol had become catatonic. Both of his eyes were dilated. He did not respond, even to a wave of a hand in front of his eyes.

Our preliminary tests indicated severe digestive viral infection, although several sample tests still need to be done. At this moment, Calicivirus and Panleukopenia is very commonly found on our street, along with the arrival of our year end monsoon. Crazy heat will soon be mixed with heavy wind and drench upon drench of rain.

At those time, we will literally find dying cats and kittens laying on the street from widespread infection, made worse by human ignorance and negligence.

After that, will be Carol’s first birthday.

It’s hard to believe that it’s one year already since I found him completely alone, in a box, abandoned out in the open park. He was only two weeks old. He had turned cold without mother and milk, and was crying on his last breath, just long enough for me to find which box he was in, hidden in a corner of the parking lot of a restaurant.

His upbringing was mostly credit to Malaya, who had lost one stillborn baby and lived with only one, who did not survived too long after. Carol, named after the title of his story (A Christmas Carol), and the name of The Blessed Pope John Paul II, grows into a young comedian with the face of a killer, just like his step mother.

There is no day so much filled with laughter before Carol joined us.

We all hope for his recovery. He had overcome nasty odds all this time; however, looking at the nature of the infection, we should prepare for the worst.

In living the reality of rescue in Indonesia, I know full well that only a select lucky few will live past one year of age. Average life expectancy of a stray cat here is three to five years at most.

Still, also in living the same reality, I found that miracles often do not happen in the homes of wealthy family, or a stability of a rescue. Miracles happens solely when small people unite and each lend one finger to the other. Not one hand, one finger; because nine others have all full to ward off the merciless world while our country made its way toward advancement, one slow step after another.

So, not all hopes are lost yet; just like the stars set the sky alight, when the moon went into full eclipse.

We truly hope our faith and good will shall see through the better days ahead.

~ Josie


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