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There have been so many Mobsters that I have known through the years that I decided to tell you about a few of the most memorable to me.


When Josie first shared pictures of Liam with me, I couldn’t even begin to figure out how she knew what to do. Here was a cat that had been used as a bait animal for dog fighting. He had puncture wounds on his head, most likely brain swelling and he seemed at least partially paralyzed.

Yet Josie knew what to do. He made it through the night and the next and the next. He gained weight and movement in his legs. He started using the litterbox so no more diapers.

Her was the most amusing and sweetest boy. I remember asking Josie what cute thing he had done for the day almost every day. He also became a surrogate parent for numerous kittens. The vets thought he was an older cat and didn’t expect him to live, yet he did and our lives were so much richer for it.

Liam only lived at the sanctuary for a year before making the journey to the Rainbow Bridge but his spirit lives on in our hearts.

Lady Sparky Terror

She’s the kitten that gave me the first look into just how dangerous rescue is for Josie. Sparky was found in a sewer in April of 2013, sick, injured and in need of care. Josie climbed down into that open seeer to rescue her.

She was a lucky one in that Josie found her in time and with love and care she became a rambunctious little climbing machine.

She has supervised many workman through her life while looking like the lady she is.


She was probably the most beautiful cat I have ever seen. She looked like she belonged in the realm of fairies with her grass green eyes and silver fur.

Josie rescued her from a deserted building area by first offering her food and then asking her if she’d like to go home. Slivervine stepped softly into Josie’s bag and became a mobster.

She had five kittens under Josie’s care though one was stillborn. She gradually slowed down as she got older but still liked to sit with Josie while she told Silvervine stories. Slivervine also liked to supervise the cleaning of the fish tank.

So many cats and kittens. It was so hard to choose but I hope you have enjoyed a few tales of Mobsters.

I have enjoyed these few days talking to you all about Josie and the Mobsters.

We are closing in on the end of the week so if you can, please send a little something to help Josie care for all the cats and kittens of Bandung.

May the furry ones at the Rainbow Bridge watch over you all.


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