Early into my friendship with Josie, I learned just how alone she was in Bandung after a series of mobster losses and low donations. It was hard for me to really comprehend that because I do rescue in the states and there is always someone I can talk to when it gets to be too much.

I distinctly remember a number of days Josie stopped posting and wouldn’t answer messages. I was terrified that someone had done something to her. Finally, she came back on and started posting again and talking to me through messages.

It had just gotten to be too much and her brain had “checked out” for a time. She promised me and several other long time supporters that she would do her best to never do that again and she never has. Instead, she reaches out and let’s someone know when she’s needs a break or at least as much of a break as she ever gets.

Yesterday morning, Josie messaged me and asked if I could take over for a few days because with all the critical cases recently – Charlie, Cinderella, Big Sister, and the baby with infected eyes and then having to take Big Sister to be set free to the Rainbow Bridge, it had become too much.

I told her I would try but I am never her. So what to write about…that is the question.

I was trying to think of somewhere Josie could spend even an hour to get completely away from her rescue work. There simply is no place in her entire city where that is possible. The streets are full of cats. The parks are full of cats. Josie literally cannot get away from rescue.

I can’t even imagine how what that must be like. Here, in Columbus, Ohio, I can go to a park where I’m not likely to run into cats that need help. I can go to a movie without encountering a kitty that needs emergency help. I can get away.

Rescue is hard on a person – body, mind and soul. There is always a feeling that you aren’t doing enough, that you’re failing.

We tend to forget to look at our successes and only look to what we didn’t do. It’s hard to realize that even if a cat or kitten passes away shortly after you rescue them, there is still success because that cat or kitten didn’t pass away uncared for or unloved.

Rescuers wear their hearts on their sleeves. Everything that they do is shown in their eyes and their health. I think that is why so many of us have illnesses and live alone.

Today, I ask you all to hold Josie in your hearts, thoughts and prayers while she works through her pain and sorrow. I ask you to post something encouraginging for her. I ask you to hold her in your arms from thousands of miles away and let her know she is not a failure, that you share her pain and that you stand with her in her fight.

And, if you have a few dollars you can send her way to help care for the kitties, I ask you to do that as well.

Blessings to you all,




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