Update on the new kitten’s story

At long last, he can lay himself to rest.

Our new baby has been crying all day and all night, and he did so in such pitiful way, I can’t imagine the sheer horror that must have gripped him so much, it’s painful.

He wouldn’t let me leave him; even for bathroom break. He is afraid of everything, even Thelma’s kind and gentle nudging; even of a fluttering butterfly that cast its shadow behind the curtain.

He was afraid to eat, afraid to drink; even when I set him apart in a quiet room. It took me a lot of patience and effort to convince him to lick just a little bit, and show him that my offering was milk and custard, and nothing deadly.

I had to carry him everywhere, listening to his pleas. I can only comfort him and assure him now and again that he is now safe, and nothing will hurt him ever.

I woke up often because he too, was startled every other hour, until he was too tired to do anything at all.

As the day turn anew, as dawn brings fresh breath to all under the sky, morning breeze blow part of his fear and return his love of life.

He will have an appointment for a check-up on Monday; I hope he will turn out just fine.

Thank you so much to all of you, who sent your blessings and prayers and share your gifts and talents.

Thank you so much for giving him the second chance he deserve.

We are matched now, and currently raised USD 525 including the matching fund. We need USD 600 every week to survive and a few more days before the week comes to end.

It is my greatest hope that you would stay with us and see us through.

Thank you again, for all the magic that you do.

~ Josie



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