Another rescued kitten

My dearest whiskers’ syndicate,

I have just rescued the lucky fluff in the picture. He was stuck in car engine and the owner of the car was adamant that blaring his engine will shoo the kitten off.

You know and I know it doesn’t work. The kitten ended up clinging to hot engine for nearly 45 minutes before I lost my patience (and temper) and crawl under the car to retrieve him.

He is about 2-3 months old and as of this writing have not stop crying his fear out for the terror he has to go through.

While he appears to be all right, he was all oil, dust and grime when I pulled him from the car engine and I didn’t know if he breathe poisonous gas or swallow engine fluid of some sort so I think it is wise to have him checked for everything regardless.

Unfortunately the matching challenge produced only USD 150 on its last day. I know that everyone is a little bit tight at the moment so I won’t ask for more, but if it is possible, please help me help this young boy get his second chance in life by matching the challenge.

I truly hope that after all the horror he has to go through we can all tell him that not all human are bad and terrible and that from now on he will have the chance to grow healthy and happy as he should be.

Would you lend your hand once more?
~ josie


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