At the very long last, he was the last man standing.
He was the only one who still come to her when all other gave up their hope for a Big Sister, or at least a little friend to snuggle.

He was the only one who sat in silence, face to face, regardless of numerous slaps and rejection.

He had lost many friends in this short life. He watch them die, sometimes, or he just never see them again.

Slowly, his life had turned quiet; and then, empty.

Slowly, her life too, had turned quiet, and then, empty.

There is no ball to catch, no strings to chase. Him because he is the only one that left; her because of the crippling disease that had eventually robbed her the motion and agility she has always known to take for granted.

And so they spent their days side by side, their night even more. There is no longer slaps, no longer rejection. They have eventually learned that, without the other, all that matters for them once, is lost forever.

In the morning he will seek her refreshment. Little bits of fish, small kibbles of red meat. A tea for two, if the song might represent.

When all is said and done, he will come back to her side, and they will look at each other. What secret are the sharing? The memories of the day gone by, when one would slap each other, and then a cheek for a cheek? The bond that they share now, that they have just found?

Such mystery belongs to the universe, who speak many language, and yet said none.

Still there is the sense of calmness that glows from deep within, when I see them together. There is the sense of mutual attraction, because they now realize only the other understand how it feels.

There is the sense of calamity, that creeps alongside; the realization that none of them will live long enough to see the thousand stars that will come round and round as the night go by and the sun shine, sometimes in the cloud, sometimes in the clear.

She has a form of virus that will paralyze her until one day she will lose her last consciousness, in which day, I had to make the call.

He has a form of sickness that will keep him weak, and small, and brittle, and fragile, defenceless inside and out. If fate has it so, he will have to live through many perils, though we should not know the future.

Still there is the sense of strength, of unspoken courage, of the ties of frenemy that turned into a bond of brother and sisters of mutual suffering,

And then there is a sense of resolution, knowing how their bond is true and pure.

That besides of these two hands of mine, they have found the ultimate blessings in life.

Whichever way life may go.

~ Josie


Published by

Josie And The Whiskers' Syndicate

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