Early in the morning, a friend texted me, with a photo of a black kitten and his eye so infected, it’s ready to pop out.

At that time I was with Deliso. He has been sick for a while. He also has infection in his eyes, although his clouded eyes did not cloud his heart. In his own suffering, he had reached out to two kittens who followed their step-in father and I now help to care. The restaurant where he lived has gone out of business, so he is back into a street performer in the hope for one or two bits of mercy, even if it is just leftovers.

Of course, I ran as fast as I could back home, as my friend rode across our congested town in the hope for soonest relieve for a tiny orphan in pain, but a familiar call stopped me in the middle of my track.

She has the most beautiful green eyes. Clear and bright like the emperor’s jade. She had given birth just a little while ago in a gen set outbuilding of a wholesale warehouse. I had thought that she moved, because she was never where she waited for days. Maybe she can’t find steady food for her growing babies, so she returned, but I am grateful none the less, and unwilling to let the chance pass by.

Running back to get a can of tuna, I have managed to get her shy three kittens to come out. It’s crazy of me to think to stuff three babies and a mother in a tote bag, but I took my chances, it will be a fatal blow to me, if I lost anymore of these precious, innocent beings that the world has never cared enough to love.

Like a chance made in heaven, my friend and I reached the front door of the sanctuary at the same time.

It took a little bit of handing over mama cat and three kittens, and an orphan back and forth between us, wrapping them in my clothing, and rubbing ourselves as much as we can. It took a lot of apologizing to calm the distressed mother down. I had rushed so madly she was terrified and was gasping for air, her three children were hissing at each other, even toward their own sibling’s slightest movement.

We saw our chances and played God, the way God played us into His grand settings. The orphaned baby, crawling pitifully for his lost mother on the street, had slipped out of our arms, and into the warmth he had been frantically longing for.

We have a long way to go to save his eyes. In fact, he will most probably lose one of his eyes anyway. We will need a lot more to support him until he is ready for more thorough treatment, but although we cannot give him back his sight, he had gained back the love of a family.

Although we cannot give him the perfect life that he deserves, he has the blessings of many guardian angels around the world: YOU, praying and giving for his life to turn around.

Thank you everyone. Thank you for your magic once more. Please keep it coming, no one else can make such impossible task become reality.

~ Josie

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The first and only cat refuge in Bandung (West Java - Indonesia) a capital breeder of a nation without animal welfare law. We care for Bandung's unwanted animals, operate a TNR as much as our budget allows, and continue to educate people about compassion to animals

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