Big Sister

This is Christine, posting on behalf of Josie.

The other day, she mentioned Big Sister in a post and was going to come back to that part of her story once things had settled down.

I’ve just received a message from Josie asking me to post. I’ll try to be succinct and details are below.

Big Sister started to have seizures a little while ago. Josie has been looking after her along with the other sick cats, and she seemed to have been improving, but unfortunately things have taken a turn for the worse.

They were due at the vet this morning, but Big Sister had a seizure in the middle of the night. Josie took her in as soon as possible and they’re back home now, but it’s very, very serious.

Big Sister is under sedation and on life support. Josie is doing everything she possibly can for her, but we don’t know if she’s going to make it.

Josie has to monitor her vital signs very closely and report back to the vet because her seizures were very bad.

The pictures below are before her seizures. There is another one of her now, on life support, but it’s very distressing and while it shows the reality of the situation Josie has to deal with, I’m not sure about posting it.

Anything you can do would be much appreciated. Shares, donations, thoughts and prayers, everything helps. In Josie’s words,

“Please ask for everyone to lend their hand.”

Please, if you can. For Big Sister, who deserves every chance we can give her.

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