I have grrreat news, great news, and not so great news.

The grrreat news is, our miraculous girl Gata is now a normal cat. She gained normal weight, is eating normally (instead of liquefied food), drinking normally, and is using her box normally. She stands straight, she walks straight, she jumps straight, she runs straight, is not lethargic, not wobbly, not in limbo. Her eyes are round, and brilliant, and alive. Even more grrrreat news is that she is an enthusiastic eater. She can finish two boneless chicken thighs and a small bowl of kitty milk per serving and is still hungry first thing in the morning. So, as you can see in the picture, the vet and I took her off IV as we are whispering Beethoven’s Symphony no. 9 (it is also called Ode to Joy).

But wait, why are we whispering Ode Of Joy? Because she is now strong enough to claw us when we try to take her IV off. We are not a wrestling champion and much less fencing athletes (we are afraid to stab things in the wrong place!), so we wait until she is sleeping deep enough before we sneak out on her and pull the needle out. When we are done, we sing Handel’s Hallelujah and annoyed the heck out of her (who woke up by surprise).

The not so great news is Gata cost me about USD 600, which I already paid off by working several more shifts over my usual workload. However, that left me flat broke on Friday today, while we only raised USD 390. Y’all know I will always do my best, but with Cinderella needing full attention, and so is Big Sister (more on her another day) I can’t take as many jobs as I want to.

I know that summer have always be our devil in term of fund raising, but the great news is, we have over 1,600 followers and we are only USD 210 short. It’s still Friday, so we have three days to run for our lives. Of course, a big part of that 1,600 followers are silent majority (they are so silent it’s eerie. What are they? Ghosts?), but if only minority of twenty one people out of those 1,600 donates USD 10, we survive!

No, the cats survive! Most of them have spent eight of their nine lives battling their crazy odds, so what about a tilt to their favor?

Isn’t that another great news?

Well, that depends on how things turned out though, but still!

So, can you reach out for us?

~ Josie



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