Sad goodbyes

After a smooth and successful surgery to fix the crushed girl’s hernia and saved her intestines and digestive organs, the little tabby girl stayed in the vet clinic so she can have intensive care. As soon as she is stabilized and is strong enough to endure another long surgery, our vet surgeon will start her on her second surgery to fix her crushed spine and dock her tail.

She responded to her medication really well, although the vet are worried about her short breath. However since she was considered strong and healthy enough, our vet surgeon started on her second surgery today.

Despite all their effort, however, the little girl didn’t make it through the surgery due to unexpected complication with her lungs which interfering with her breathing during anesthesia. There seemed to be some internal bruising after she was ran over that did not show in the X Ray, and we do not have better veterinary technology at the moment.

I was still sour and bitter after losing Cali. Cali is such a special cat that evades death several times although with narrow margin. His tragic loss is hard to deal, and even though I continue to brace myself and keep walking, I am still unable to respond to all of your kind comments because every time I remember him, I ended up crumbling down.

The loss of this beautiful girl is acid to my still hurting heart. She has gone through so much in her tender age, and despite all the effort she was gone anyway. All the chance for better life that she truly deserve beyond anything is never meant to be.

Yet, like hope shine a single light at the bottom of the Pandora Box, I am sure your kindness, well wishes, prayers, and generosity together will form the light that guide her across the rainbow bridge, where there will not be ignorant rich people and their fancy car, only peace, safety, painless days, and serene nights.

On her behalf and my own, please accept my deepest gratitude for all your donations, prayers, comments, shares, and love that you all showered on her through her short life. Thank you for lifting her up to all the decency that she was denied by ignorant others.

Thank you for giving her the glory with which she now spread her wings.

The halo that is now her crown, is inscribed with each and every single one of your names.

~ Josie


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