What’s been going on

So, if you are interested in what was going on that took me the whole day off everything…

Every year, Indonesian cities and towns will shut down for one month at the end of Ramadhan. Banks are closed, shops are closed, vets are closed, doctors stop practice, pharmacy is not available, offices shut down, buses stopped… 99.99% of people will go back to their hometown and celebrate Eid with family.

Usually, it will start to happen three days prior to Eid, and ends three weeks after.

This year, it starts one week earlier. It starts Monday, June 11, 2018. Eid is June 16, 2018.

Since banks will be closed, I have arranged for all of your donations to be withdrawn to my bank account half on Wednesday (June 6, 2018) and half on Friday, June 8, 2018. I do this because banking volume will double or triple and I don’t want glitches, which both PayPal and banks are notorious for.

Monday morning, however, no money in the bank account.

I went everywhere, ask everyone, and all said, electronic money transfer should be going as normal.

Well, maybe the system is over crowded so it’s a bit slow.

I waited several hours, no money.

I waited to the end of the day, no money.

I finally called the bank, and the officer who answered the phone said that for that particular bank, everyone is going for vacation, and they won’t process anything until soonest June 20th.

But I transfer the money the previous Friday! Banks were open on Friday!

Well, since it’s the last day, the bank decided that everyone has some celebration before holiday so maybe someone missed my transfer. Still, since everyone is on vacation, even phone banking will be off. People can transfer or whatever if they like, but they won’t be processed until soonest June 20th.

I don’t care whatever they do! Banks are open on Friday so they should do their job.

How can they be so ridiculously irresponsible?

I have gradually prepared for the holiday so the cats have enough until the 20th, but I will only have USD 18 through the holiday instead of USD 180. It means I have no spare for emergency.

Thank goodness my vet is a human being and so she won’t cut me out of service.

Christine Alice has suggested services like Western Union, but I haven’t been able to contact them to confirm whether they are still available during the holiday. And even if she sends money through Western Union, it will take a few days, and I will not get anything until close to June 20th anyway and still pay more than PayPal. So what’s the point?

The whole fiasco started at 7 am Monday morning down to 2:30 am Tuesday morning and I still can’t get someone to give me the cats’ money and when I turn to my family we got spats instead (one misunderstanding to another and few short thinking) that ends very recently at 7:16 pm Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Facebook apps did not allow me to respond to any post whatsoever. I thought it was just Android being nuts, but Christine Alice use iOS (iPhone) and she can’t interact either so all these sour miss-happenings is just getting bitter by the minute.

All of those and I still have to deal with the crushed girl who needs surgery, her mother who lost it, went nuts and create trouble, the girl with stitches going home, another lady cat stranded in some rubble in a remote area without access to food, so I have to trap her or she starve to death, kittens sick, two bottle babies, the colony, a gaping hole on the wire mesh in the cattery…

Still, I cannot just disappear because experience taught me that if I stop posting just for one day, visibility drops and people stop coming, and if people stop coming the cats stop eating so…

I am totally grateful to Christine Alice who posted on my behalf. I am totally grateful that she took time to learn my actual situation before delivering some firm and assertive lecture in the comment seeing from just one side of the story, I am totally grateful for everyone who keeps coming and commenting and sharing, I am totally grateful because just like Francesca, only half side of my world went into hell while the other half, miraculously, by your graces, managed to stay on earth.

Hallelujah. Bless you all.

~ Josie

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