The stupid thing is, I got the wrong number. My brain does show its blank spot that time, especially if I open too many things to process.

It was supposed to be the house number 8, but I went to house number 10.

I know she is just a maid, but I speak to her with the same courtesy and best intention as I do to everyone else.

She is OK at first, while I ask for her master and he said I got the wrong name. She replied kindly, and with the same smile. Obviously, I apologize, went to see my cellphone again and saw that I was suppose to go to the house next door. Houses there are as big as soccer field so next door house is about few hundred steps away. I lifted the carrier I put on the floor by my foot, thank her for her courtesy and response, and walked away.

She asked me, after several feet, where do I get the carrier. I turned back and told her I brought it with me. She asked me what is in the carrier, I told her it’s empty.

This time my brain is on the right place. I get it that she suspected I pick up something at the house.

I went back by the door and show her the carrier and asked if her master or mistress has this kind of thing, and she said no. I asked her if she can see anything that belongs to her master or mistress inside the carrier, and she said no.

I asked her if she needs to search my body or my back, but by then the smile had gone far away from my face.

“I am just asking” she said, “Just in case”

“What good maid you are” I said, “Your master should not put their one billion cars (there were two) at front there unattended and expect you to act like surveillance camera or guard dog and prejudice every visitor. If they want to be cautious, put up a fence, and answer your guests from behind bars”

I turned away and walk to the correct house, but it seemed the brief skirmish had changed my face that the maid there shrank when she saw me.

Good for me, I kept my honor and manners intact.

This time, the master of the house himself went out, introduce himself, and lead me to his backyard where he kept the kitten and her mother as per my request to my old friend the day before. Away from the elements, inside a brand new, spacious cage, lined with clean training pad, a bowl of water.

Brand new spacious cage is over half a million Rupiah for me, but small change for people like him.

I moved the cats into my carrier, I thanked him sincerely and profusely for keeping and caring for the cats generously, and I wish him blessings in abundance.

I told my taxi rider to take the highway so we can arrive at the other side of town as soon as we can, and on the way, posted the photos to Christine Alice so she can help me update.

It was empty at the clinic because the chief surgeon and his wife (specialist in internal organs for cats and small animals) were out, but their son (also a vet) is available, so the little girl went in right away.

There were numerous, numerous X Rays; partly because the baby was screaming and squirming in pain, but we do not have MRI, or CT Scan. We only have X Ray so unfortunately we have to turn her over to all sort of positions so we can get clear shot on what was happening and how to fix it.

She was, apparently, crossing the road when she was crushed by a huge, billion Rupiah huge cars like those people in that complex have. The membrane that kept her digestive organ split and her intestines went out to body cavity. Her hip joint broke, and her pelvis snapped out of its place.

The urgent action, should be putting her intestines back and sew her organ pocket up, otherwise, she cannot eat. If she eats, feces will got stuck in those disarrayed intestines and many other problems will occur. There is another X Ray film that show small feces on its way out and about to be stuck, but the head surgeon keep it for his reference while doing surgery.

Then another surgery to put her broken spine back together, and return her snapped pelvis to its place. She will lost her long, beautiful, ringed tail.

After the two or three surgeries, it’s a long, long road to recovery.

No one is sure if she is going to make it. There are five vets there and everyone said it’s a tough situation and not so much chance.

I have to sign lots of papers and even asked if I have insurance, but I don’t have one. I don’t even have a name, so this one is named after me.

I am given an option to take the girl home and come back everyday, or I can leave her in the clinic.

In all honesty, I don’t mind working round the clock to help her, plus it will save money, but in my bursting out sanctuary and six sick kittens, it will be selfish to risk infections that will add her suffering.

Not to mention Ramadhan traffic. If I hadn’t take the highway, we will be stuck on the road for over four hours instead of arriving within 45 minutes to the clinic,

I am not a super woman despite all of you say, I don’t have helicopter, and the kitten deserves better than just me and I will afford whatever it takes if it will give her a chance that has been crushed away from her.

Her mother will be kept by her side because she still have a lot of milk, and she still nurse her baby. Since the baby still cannot eat solid food until she recovers enough, mother’s milk is better than IV.

She managed her first surgery by now, but she has a long, bumpy road to cross,. We have time, but not too much.

As Christine Alice posted yesterday, a donor who asked to remain anonymous has offered to match USD 400 for her care. I have told my donor that people do not usually come and give through weekend, because weekend is time for self and family, but my donor went ahead anyway. “For those who care enough to come”

~ Josie

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