Morning had broken, before I know it. The sky is clear and the sun is bright. The wind is not running, although the air is cold. Some birds flying low on top of us, that I can hear their flap, some cheerfully chattering as they go about.

In the long hallway of The Whiskers’ Syndicate, I watched in envy on the cats scattered themselves, curling, sleeping. Lulled further into the day by the peaceful bliss.

Many of you, if not all, have at one point or another expressed how you all wished we were closer, that we can care for the cats together. I have never taken all your wishes seriously, because I know the minuscule chance that it will come true, if ever; but battered for three days of either runny or stuffy nose, and trying to catch a breath between incessant coughing that made me sound like a barking mad dog, I come to wish someone is near myself.

Especially because today is tuna day; especially because today I will have to return the black boy back to the park, especially because today I have to check on the beautiful girl with wound on her back. It turned out that under her broken skin, infection had spread a little bit further, and she will need some stitches, aside from her spaying.

And very, very especially, for the kitten in the video.

An old friend had contacted me last night, about her friend, a dog lover, who found this kitten dragging him/herself after being ran over by car, and the mother, helpless beside her baby. Out of mercy he took the kitten and look for help.He is a dog person, he doesn’t know what to do, and Indonesia does not have sophisticated network of expert beyond commoners who thinks they know it all after hearing it all.

It’s very far near the entrance of the highway at the end of town, that I told my friend I cannot go immediately, because I am not sure my body can handle such long ride against the wind. I can hail an online car, but Ramadhan traffic will be in the way I won’t reach the place until late at night.

But I promise I will come this morning after picking tuna, and I will keep my promise even if it means I will have to drag myself with bark and snorts that won’t stop torturing me even for a minute even after all sort of supplements and vitamins and medicine. All the talents and knowledge that had saved so many cats cannot save myself.

How I wish I can call Mylo R Myarkins who I know will drop everything and jump into the car and go get this kitty together. How I wish I can call Christine Stewart or Christine Alice Vincent who will gladly help me handle take over the rest of the day with mobsters and everything else. I know many more will jump ahead and lend me hands.

How I wish to be among you all, as much as I know you all would wish to be around me.

But we will not be drowned and broken by disappointment over unrealistic wants, right? We are The Whiskers’ Syndicate, you and me. We are not known to take main road, we are known many times over to hold hands from many different places where we are and when people start laughing, we move mountains and shut them up before they even blink.

We are The Whiskers’ Syndicate; we always find a way, and at the end of the day, we always save lives. There has never been guarantee that all we saved will live forever or just a week, but they all have a chance in life and a chance well lived.

My friend promised she will help with vet bills and likely numerous surgery to help this kitty and his/her mother, but how far can she go? She has rescues of her own and our regional salary is only USD 200 per month.

So I will walk out of that door today, with whatever I got, and do what I can because this baby worth it. His/her life matters.

Who walks with me?

~ Josie

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