In the darkness just before dawn this morning, Josie was woken up when she felt little paws jumping around on the bed and playing with the cable for her cellphone, which was charging next to her.

She grabbed her phone and took this video, then sent it to me along with the update I’m posting below.

The baby boy’s original story was published recently, and we would love it if you’d help us think of a name for him and pop that in the comments!

And now, the vet update:

The vet said that our wee boy has no fracture but there is a very bad internal bruise. He’s also in shock, although that has been well managed and he seems to have recovered from it completely.
Further, the vet said that while he will do X-rays if Josie prefers, he feels that money would be better applied to the kitten’s future treatment, which will include acupuncture and sessions of physiotherapy.

He’s a bit jumpy but he is still young and he has peers (other baby Syndicats!) who will help him gain back his confidence, so there is nothing to worry about there.

Josie was given nerve and muscle strengthener for him, and antibiotics for his URI, which is now under control. He’s been dewormed and had successful flea treatment, and has a good appetite, so all the better.

While we are very glad that no surgery is necessary and the boy can heal by himself, the therapies will be somewhat costly; we would be so grateful for any continuing support from our friends here at The Whiskers Syndicate.



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