My dearest colleagues and family,

Though many people around the world hates Monday, the day has always been the most waited day in my life, when life will resume and journey continues.

With help from my kind and generous vet, our boy have calmed down considerably and was able to sleep.He still cry from time to time, but being in the middle of other kittens at the same age. He has big problem with fleas as it seemed like he has been orphaned for a while prior to being hit with car, but we sort his parasite and anemia during the weekend as we assist him to cope with his trauma.

Although he grew two pairs of fangs, all his other teeth havn’t grown, but on Sunday he started eating on his own, and we took delight in each and every step he made toward his recovery.

On Monday today here in Bandung, we will be going to visit the vet surgeon. I have made this short video that I uploaded here to show the vet surgeon how he walked at home during the weekend. It’s a lot better than moving with his belly on the floor like a turtle, but of course we will all wish that he will be able to walk and run like a cat.

The video duration is 0:59. He can only stay on his feet for one minute, after that he will have to stop and sit. With proper medication and direction from the vet surgeon I hope to help restore him to the right path and good track in life.

Thank you very much to all of you who came running to his side and win him a second chance in life. There is so much to be done still and we will need your continuous support, but I am excited, and I am sure he is as well, to show you how much your love and support, in financial or any other forms shine light, gives hope, and open path for him to live his fullest.

~ Josie

Video of the injured kitten walking


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