My dearest colleagues and family,

Please mount prayers (and financial support if you can).

Last night when I went out to buy cat food, I saw that vehicles in front of us slowed down suddenly and changed lane as if to avoid something.

We passed a car on the slow lane and I saw two months old kitten trying to cross the road, but was petrified in the middle of the lane. It’s a four lane road and traffic on Friday night was crazy.

People are shouting to the car to slow down and pull over, and some men working on the road side even try to run after the car, but it won’t stop.

We are right in front of the car so I shouted and pointed down to warn the driver (I cannot see male or female, the glass is darkened) to stop, but the driver won’t care either, so my (motorcycle) rider hit the brake to force the car to stop and we both got hit.

It was chaotic for a moment. Some people ran to help the kitten, and some other tried to help us.

I didn’t know where the kitten got ran over, because I myself fell under the motorbike and it took a few minutes to get off. I only know the kitten was alive though petrified.

I let others deal with the ignorant idiot who drove the car, ran to the other crowd and retrieved the stoned kitten. It didn’t move, it didn’t cry, nothing. It was completely stoned.

There is a vet practice five minutes drive, and despite my caution, my rider said he was all right, his motorcycle was all right, and he would drive me to the vet if I want.

The vet said she gave the kitten muscle relaxant and calming agent (anti stress) but when she was writing the bill I took a peak and it’s nothing but multivitamin and iron. I know B1 vitamin can serve as nerve relaxant and strengthener but that is not the kind of thing used for animals in state of shock.

There was no wound, no open injury, and overall the kitten is all right (aside from shock and stress). When we got home, the kitten start to defrost but he moved like turtle.

This morning, he is screaming non stop like an ambulance and he won’t let anything get near him. He won’t let me touch him, I have to cover him with blanket when I need to hold him because otherwise he will scratch, bite and roll out of fear which can potentially exacerbate internal injury if any. He can stand and walk, but he lift his right hind leg all the time. He will not eat or drink even after I set him apart in my studio away from other cats.

It tore my heart apart to see him short circuit between fear and pain, but today is Saturday in Bandung, so I will have no access of X Ray, or any lab until Monday.

My kitty ambulance vet will be coming to give him the real anti stress shot and help me handle him so we can give him subcu fluid so he won’t be dehydrated as stress (more so shock), and also feed him blendered meat to prevent hypothermia. We also need to handle his URI and Conjuctivitis on both his eyes.

I will do my best to care for the kitten and keep him stable until we can get thorough examination and give him proper help, but I know that if two or more people help me push the universe, it will move in the kitten’s favor.

I will update as much as I can, including with the matching challenge. I am sorry I am not online as much as I want to, but I hope you will understand.

~ Josie


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