In our part of the world, everyday people is super hero. Everyday men and women; with jobs, kids, messy kitchen, bus to catch, pizza for dinner. They are not sexy, they don’t wear tights, they don’t go around talking to some sort of invisible butler called JARVIS, they have flubber in their underbelly.

But these ordinary creature is our Avengers. They are our Captain America, they are our Wonder Woman, they are our Iron Man.

They are our heroes.

You are our heroes.

Last Sunday we only had USD 45 in our pocket, and a grisly looking cat driven away and almost run over because she looked like a demon.

Her world is dark because the mange that consumed her alive covered her eyes; our world is dark because we have nothing else to live by.

We have nothing left but our voice, but deep in the sinkhole of desperation, who would hear us?

You did.

One after another, average ten dollars at a time, you reached out to us. You called out for us, you stepped in for us, you held on to us.

One after another, you filled in the quicksand that swallowed us whole and brought us back to step on the earth.

And here is their demon, seven days later.

The demon they drove away but you took and fed, the demon they try to kill but you saved and nurtured.

This is the demon that I hope you will turn into an angel.

This is what your donations have done. Not for fancy car, not for glittering dresses, not for stately dinner. Every single sweat you dropped into earning each dime you gave us, becomes each and every strain of new life she and many others are now breathing.

So look into her eyes, everyone. Look into those eyes and find your love that you have sent across the ocean, seven days ago.

And then please stay, so that we can turn the lives of many more.

~ Josie

Published by

Josie And The Whiskers' Syndicate

The first and only cat refuge in Bandung (West Java - Indonesia) a capital breeder of a nation without animal welfare law. We care for Bandung's unwanted animals, operate a TNR as much as our budget allows, and continue to educate people about compassion to animals

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