Good day everyone! It’s tuna day today at The Whiskers’ Syndicate, so I dropped by the fried chicken counter at the hospital on my way home to check on our entertainer kitty.

I call him Deliso, because he lives by a KFC-like outlet across the hospital near the market (delicious!). Also a shout out to Deliso Chaponda, a comedian from Malawi who found his living in Manchester after ‘Britain’s Got Talent’.

Deliso spends his day lounging at the front porch of the outlet. He would come to crying children or depressed elderly people and entertain them by rolling over, wiggling tummy up, or running in circles, among others. His success rate is stellar, no seriously, I spend time watching him because he is so funny.

Parents usually throw him chicken bone or part of their food when he succeeded, but quite often, he got kicks on his belly or heartless shooing and even slap on his face.

None of these ungrateful treatment brought him down. If he was thrown away he would just go to the side, but when other people need some cheering up, he will start again.

This morning I saw him cheering up an elderly man (in blue shirt and dark trousers, he asked not to be included in the photograph). He was at the hospital to care for his wife, and was eating a home-made meal as he thought about the long journey he has to go through, and how grateful he is because our president mandated a single payer insurance for all citizens, otherwise, they couldn’t have been able to afford to treat his wife’s geriatric diseases.

He said Deliso sat and look at him for a while before walking up to him and starting rolling around and rubbing his legs. I can see traces of tears in his eyes, but when I came by, the old man is smiling and he happily share his food with his new companion.

When I visited him a few days ago, I thought it would be the last time I can give Deliso a decent food as my token of gratitude for his great job bringing delight to those who need it the most, but today I have hope that I can continue to support and care for him as much as he has cared for many others.

I hope one day when it’s time for him to retire, the door of Whiskers’ Syndicate will still be open to repay all his love.

~ Josie


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