There was rain of tears in the house when his family realized why I was there, but only for a few minutes.

First, the lady who fed him first in the morning when Tito was still there; then her sister, who owns the house, and her adult daughter.

The last one is the elderly father, with measuring tape around his shoulders, and a piece of fabric, wet and speckled. Although he didn’t say a word, the little rag in his hand tells a thousand stories.

Two pairs of eyes stayed behind that glass window, peeking, fidgety, unsure what to do. One pair to a little boy, and another pair to a little girl.

But first the little boy took one step as he listened to his grandfather told me how Tito reminded me of his brother, who died of stroke; and his little sister took her first step, holding on to her brother’s shirt, as the eldest daughter beamed with all the memories of how sweet, gentle and kind Tito turned out to be. About how he is different from any other cats she knows, because Tito never fights, Tito never complains, Tito is just there, silent, yet large.

And the lady who care for him waved to the two children. “Come on here, it’s all right. Don’t you want to bid Tito good bye?”

Then my fort failed to hold as the two children flew like fairies, each to one Tito’s side.

They said nothing. Only two words, “Good bye Tito” and “Sleep tight, Tito”, but those little eyes, as they run their finger across Tito’s back, said more than thousands of poem.

“Thank you for caring for Tito for us”

“Thank you for the honor of caring for Tito”

I really mean it. Tito is a gift.

At dusk in the house, it was the other kind of feast.

Some just spend a few minutes, some even less. They trot to the window, peeked inside, sniffle, and left.

Some spend longer time, but then they too, went away.

Those closest to him, hold vigil by Tito’s side. All the way until the vet came and pour down her tears over him, and then throughout the night.

There was no lethal injection, there was no medical procedure. Tito’s heart rate just keep slowing down, as one by one his organs logged out.

At the break of the dawn this morning, he landed among the stars.

~ Josie

“Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning” is a quote from “Peter Pan” by J.M. Barrie

In the photo is Julia, Kaka and Big Sister.

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